Timmy, Helen & Curly

So…. about a month before leaving for Chicago I get an email from Blane. He wants a canary. I’m thinking…. okay, boring ole yellow canary. Alrighty.Thing is…. there are none around here. Closest one he can find, whadda ya know… St. Charles, Illinios.

No problem.

I can stop there on our way home and pick it up. Cool.

The thing about this particular canary…. it has a gimp leg. Oh… a rescue then. Cool again.

Couple weeks later, Blane gets an email.

The breeder, even though she is selling the gimp one for half price, still feels bad that it’s gimp. She say, I’ve got a deal for you. You can have this other one for free. It is a crested canary (whodda thunk), but …. it’s bald. The feathers should come in, mind you, but for the time being …. it’s kinda funny looking.

Blane tells me about it, sounds good to me. One bird to pick up, two birds to pick up… makes no difference to me. And I’m a sucker for rescuing any animal. (those who know me don’t laugh).

So we get to the breeder’s house. Beautiful house by the way. She has many of her own birds. Cockatiels, cockatoos, parakeets, canaries. And clean too. And quiet. Anyone who has owned birds know they can make a ruckus… ‘specially when company comes.

So… I follow her into the kitchen to see a little carrier on the counter.

I look in.

3 birds. Hmm.

I ask which are mine to take and she says…

‘here’s the thing. This one here is the gimp bird, and this, of course is the bald one. But this one here, the pretty orange one. Well…. she’s blind. And she seems to have taken quite a liking to the gimp one. Do you think Blane would mind taking all three, no extra charge?’.

WOW. Executive decision time on my part. Thinking I know Blane well enough, I think he wouldn’t turn down a blind bird, after all, everyone needs love. And… I figure, if he doesn’t want it, I’ll take one of the birds off his hands, after all, I’m making the decision for him.

So… into the van we go.

1 box, 3 birds, and a few slices of apple for the trip.

I hand the box to Katie and say, “there are your Dad’s bird but don’t open the box, they could fly out.” Katie wasn’t all too thrilled with the idea of having birds at home in the first place, so how was I going to tell her that I agreed for her family to care for 3 birds instead of 2?

Off we go on our drive home. We get about 20 miles down the road. The whole time I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to tell Blane when Katie says, “Bobbie…. how many birds did my Dad get?”


“Oh… well, he got 2. One is gimp you know, one is bald.”

Yeah, appeal to her soft side, that should work.

She says, “ummmm.. there are 3 birds in here.”

Double crap.

So… I tell her the story and it works, she feels bad, and whew… I thought, ….this won’t be so bad, Blane probably won’t get mad. I’ll just call him at work.

I start from the beginning and get all the way through the story.

I hold my breath and silence.

Then…… laughing.

He says, “so I have a gimp bird, a bald bird and a blind bird.”

I’m not sure if the bald bird or the gimp bird is the seeing eye bird for the blind one, but he didn’t care and thought it funny. In fact, each and every person has enjoyed this story.

Here’s a couple pictures:

Timmy, Curly & Helen

I can’t remember the names Katie gave them, and honestly I think she changes them. So I have my own names.
Starting from left to right is Timmy… the gimp one, Curly…. the bald one, and Helen… the blind one.

Click the photo to see more. They are definitely NOT plain old yellow canaries.

~ by mamadubs on August 22, 2007.

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