The views and opinions expressed within this blog are those of Bobbie Anderson-Sim, NOT my family, my friends, or even my husband at times.
Again… These are opinions.  So keep your sue-threatening emails to yourself, because I don’t give a shit.  Start your own damn blog.

This is my life. You will find situations that affect me and/or my life first hand. You will see my attitude and be exposed to my perceptions (as ill suited as they may be).  I will have good days and bad.  You will learn more about me than you want.  My posts will sometimes be analytical, sometimes funny and probably often boring.

The posts may or may not be PC. They may or may not be G, PG, PG-13, and can also be rated R at times.
Mamadubs.wordpress.Com, It Matters 2 Me and All Original Material Copyright 2007 by Mama Dubs Productions.

Most importantly… If you don’t want to see yourself here, don’t piss me off. If you have pissed me off and you don’t like seeing yourself here, don’t read this blog. I have the right to freedom of speech and you all have the right to press the red X in the upper right corner of your screen.

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