About Me

I’m the mother of 3 (Amanda 19) (AJ 17) (Aleck 13), and wife to Jeri for 21 years. My current occupation is Domestic Engineer. In my spare time I am chauffeur, therapist, and tutor for my family. A cleaning technician, I am not. Opinionated, I am. If anyone would like to volunteer to organize my household, the position is still open. Aunt Bobbie, friend, daughter, sister, to those who love me.  And proud Nonna to Aurora. To my family and friends…I am poet, singer, amateur photographer, reader, comedian, movie critic, tv critic, writer, animal lover, chatterbox. Of course blogger to myself and any one who wants my company.

One Response to “About Me”

  1. Hey Bobbie !!!
    How are you doing ? I have been reading your updates. From what i have read it sounds as though Toni has moved out of your dad’s place. I was just wondering what happened. Also, your posting called ‘ warning’…. I would like to read what you were venting about.

    I have a lot going on in my life as well. But it would be nice to catch up with you. Call me sometime if you want.
    Take care !!

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