Amanda stopped in at work today.  She was going shopping for a kennel for her German Shephard.  She said she’d stop by my house on her way home.  I get home from work and as I exit my car, she pulls in the drive-way.  Right after her is a white SUV that had 2 guys in it and pulled in my drive-way as well.  I don’t recognize anyone and as Amanda gets out of her car:

Me: Who is that?

Amanda: Some guys from Petsmart.

Me: They work there?

Amanda:  No, they were in the parking lot.

Me: Do you know them?

Amanda (giggling and acting all shy): No

Me: What are they doing here?

Amanda: I struggled to get the kennel into my little car and I couldn’t get it in there no matter what I did.  So these guys offered to follow me and bring it here to your house.

Me (shaking my head as I turn to walk into the house):  Must be nice being pretty.

~ by mamadubs on January 29, 2009.

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