100 Things about me. How many did you already know?

1. My favorite color is purple.

2. Donny Osmond was the first guy I wanted to marry.

3. Scott Baio was #2.

4. My first concert was Ratt.

5. I wanted 6 kids, but that was before I had 3.

6. I legally changed my middle name.

7. I only knew one of my four grandparents, and it was only briefly.

8. I’m the only one of my family that doesn’t wear glasses. (That’s my family as a kid)

9. As I kid I always wanted a big brother, now that I found out I’ve got 3 I don’t want any.

10. I own my own business.

11. My favorite TV channel is the History Channel.

12. Purple is my favorite color ever since Donny Osmond wore purple socks on the Donny & Marie show.  Not because of Prince and Purple Rain as most may think.

13. My Mom wanted to name me Aurora Danielle.

14. Corn on the cob is my favorite veggie.

15. I have 3 tattoos and want more.

16. My first job was in a Deli.

17. I met my husband working as a nursing assistant when I was 17.

18. We miscarried our first baby.

19. I was in the delivery room when my niece was born.

20. I swear too much.

21. My Mom is my best friend.

22. Dimples are my weakness.  Seriously….

23. I can’t pass up a bargain.

24. I still do things to make my Mom proud of me.

25. I have 4 half brothers, 1 step sister, 1 full sister.  Most times I feel like an only child and am okay with that.

26. I love reality TV.

27. I love watching it snow.

28. I hate thunderstorms/tornados.

29. I’m a recovered addict.

30. I’m a survivor of sexual assult.

31. As a child a tornado went over our school as we were inside.

32. Michale LeClair was my first real crush, it last two years and started in 5th grade.  All the while we were friends.

33. I stayed out once all night when I was 16 and was bored out of my mind.  That’s why it was only once.

34. I love raw milk right from the farm, ice cold.

35. This is harder than I thought it would be to come up with 100 things and I’m only on #35!

36. We named our kids all with the letter A.

37. I worked at the Mayo Clinic for 15 years.

38. I work at Shopko now.

39. I love kids.

40. I have one grandchild.

41. I wanted my granddaughter named after my Mom, because I always wished I had done it.

42. My father gave me the biggest gift.  Acceptance at no cost.

43. I’ve been married nearly 21 years.

44. I always wanted my daughter to marry Danny.  I even found myself on video saying that when they were 4 & 7.

45.  I’m a terrible house keeper.  That’s not something you don’t know, but it defines me pretty well.

46. I have many friends, but only 2 true ones.

47. I hate getting older.

48. I love styling hair.

49. I love scrapbooking.

50. I love decorating.

51. I live vicariously through my skinny daughter.

52. I’ve never had my family’s photo taken professionally.  My weight was always my issue.  I’m overcoming that fear/fact and scheduling an appointment next month.

53. I love snow.

54. I hate cold.  It’s a dilemma… believe me.

55. I don’t have a favorite animal, I love them all.  What a shock!

56. I love romantic vampire books.

57. I’m a Laurel K. Hamilton fan.

58. I hate doing laundry.

59. If I’m out of clean clothes, I will buy new ones if I am in need of something to wear someplace.

60. I’ve shaved my upper lip since I was 16.

61. Now I have to shave my chin some too. (How embarrassing)

62. I wish I spoke Italian.

63. I wish my family were bilingual.

64. We live paycheck to paycheck.  Any one reading this start a savings now!

65. I’m a procrastinator.

66. I’m generally lazy.  I wish I could change that, but can’t seem to.

67. I suffer from severe clinical depression as well as Dysthymia.

68. I have a panic disorder.

69. I was the only one with my Aunt when she passed away.  It was horrible.

70. I come from a long line of dysfunctional families, but I think my own little family is quite normal.

71. I have a cyst on my tail bone that I have to drain periodically by myself.

72. I play cards in a club every month with other women.

73. My favorite super hero is a tie between Spiderman and Batman.

74. I was at the Bon Jovi concert when they filmed the video for ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’.

75. I’ve seen KISS in concert 3 times.

76. I’d rather be inside than out on a summer day.

77. My husband and I still go on dates.

78. I love my husband more today than the day we were married.

79. I’m terrible about paying my bills on time.

80. I’ll be 41 this August 11th.

81. I love counter cross stitch, just wish I had more time.

82. I had my tonsils out as an adult.

83. I’ve had a breast reduction.

84. I’d have gastric banding done if someone offered me the chance.

85. That said, I do have a fear of being thin and attractive.

86. I HATE spiders.

87. I like snakes.

88. I’m still friends with people I graduated with 23 years ago.

89. I have two friends that I’ve known nearly all my life.  Well one literally and one since I was 3.  We still keep in touch.

90. I need to go to church more.

91. I color away my gray hair.

92. I’m thankful I’m almost done.

93. I love to sing.

94. I hate pantyhose.

95. I don’t like wearing horizontal stripes.

96. I love playing board and card games.

97. I think New Year’s Eve is over rated.  I will get together with friends and family, but never go out on that night.

98. I hate sleeping in pj’s.

99. I believe I was a nudist in another life, and if I were thin, I’d probably be one in this life.  Clothes are so constricting.

100. I cry when I sing or hear the national anthem.

~ by mamadubs on January 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “100 Things about me. How many did you already know?”

  1. we have some similarities for sure..and some differences..anyway, i cry too at #100! And i’m older than you!!

  2. You are so good at this. You really should write a book. And you know I would not kid you about something like that. If I could come up with 100 things I even KNEW about myself, I think I could lend forgiveness to my heart.
    P.S. I am SOOO with you on living vicariously through the skinny daughter. And I love the fact that when we go shopping she tells me how nice I look in something. Must have done something right…

  3. Wow, Donny Osmond was the first person I wanted to marry too!

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