Where is the person you gave your heart to for the first time?
Still living in Kasson-Mantorville

Are you waiting for something?
to win the lottery

What were you doing at ten last nite?
laying in bed watching tv with Rori

Have you ever thought about converting your religion?
Already did.. Catholic to Baptist

What was the last thing you drank?

Who was the last person you hugged?

Did you have a dream last night?
yes, about old high school friends

How many piercings do you have?
just my ears

If you could have something right now, what would it be?
a million bucks

Have you ever had a panic attack?
too many to count and it sucks!

Have your parents ever smoked pot?
my mom says she tried once, but it didn’t work… haha

Want someone back in your life?
I’m happy, but a nice surprise of running into someone is fun.

Ever licked someone’s cheek?
probably, wait… which cheek, never mind, same answer

What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?

What body part(s) do you wash first in the shower?
hair then face

Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
neither 75 degrees no humidity is perfect

What is your favorite color?

If you could go back in time, how far back would you go?
high school…. and I wouldn’t be so freaked about my weight, I was skinny then and didnt’ know it.

How do you feel when someone kisses you on the forehead?
like a little kid

Do you think your last ex deserves to die?

Are you dating the last person you kissed on the lips?

Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

Has anyone ever told you they want to spend the rest of their life with you?
a few times

can be

Will your next kiss be a mistake?

When was the last time you saw your grandpa?
never have, both died before I was born

Do you know anyone with cancer?
yes, too many. That sucks too!

Who was the last person you talked to in person?

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 3 months?
22 years and counting.. so yep!

Are you happy?
yes at the moment, but still suffering with depression

Last night, did you go to sleep smiling?
no but dont’ think I ever go to sleep smiling… who does?????

Where did you sleep last night?
my bed

Do you currently have a hickey?
hahaha no

Have you ever collapsed on the bathroom floor?

Are you afraid of falling in love?

Are you in a relationship?

What are you doing today?
working and sitting here playing on the damn computer!

~ by mamadubs on November 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “HUH???”

  1. I do have to tell you that you make a wonderful Grandmother and through all the heartache tears and laughter…a great sister. I love you and Merry Christmas.

  2. Wow thats really makes me feel good to hear you say that.

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