A sign that someone’s going hunting….

Driving home from work today I noticed something.  Orange.  Bright vibrant orange.  And camouflage.  Yep, it must be time to go hunting.  What else would it mean to see people hanging out their jackets in the Minnesota cold and wet.  I counted 5 different houses.  Must  be a party…glad I wasn’t invited, can’t imagine having any fun sitting in the woods in the cold and not even able to talk…. I couldn’t do it.

~ by mamadubs on November 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “A sign that someone’s going hunting….”

  1. Ah yes remember it well. You where just a kid your Dad and the Minter gang all had to go hunting. It didn’t matter who got the dear all proceeds where shared. I got the call come to (I believe it was Grandma Junette house) come with freezer paper to help with wrapping and take our share home. I showered got dressed and for years didn’t live it down, it went something like “Who in the -ell wears white to a meat cutting party”. Heck what did I know, I wasn’t all that crazy about Venison anyway and I wasn’t planning on cutting the poor thing. Besides I thought I really looked good in my outfit (I was alot smaller than) and since I didn’t go out much than I thought it would be fun. So my advice is buy Venison in the Supermarket while wearing white or whatever makes you look and feel good.

  2. I’ve always loved that story, but think it was Uncle Jr. & Aunt Phyllis’s house. For some reason I remember being there and all the adults grinding and cutting meat. And can you buy venison in the store? Probably not in hunting country. haha

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