Positive & Negative

Both kids are having vehicle problems.  We think both batteries.  Amanda managed to charge hers with the battery charger at the farm for a little while.  Yesterday she called in the afternoon and couldn’t get it going at all.  Jeri was sleeping after working, JD was fishing.  (oh, for those that don’t know, he’s her boyfriend of 5 months now).  So off to Sam’s I went and found the right battery.  The farm was next to see if her and I, 2 piddly little girls, could manage to change out the battery.  Thanks to Dad for having so many tools for us, we finally found the correct sized wrenches, (I think they were wrenches), to un-bolt the bar that held the battery into place.  Tiny car, so tiny space in which to reach.  After a few tries by me, Amanda took over.  I basically held screws and handed over tools for her to figure out how to get the job done.  And she did it.  All by herself.  As she screwed in the last bolt and tried the engine and it worked, she stated….. ‘we don’t need a man, ha!’  Off to work she went and lets all cross our fingers, it will keep on working.  Hopefully AJ’s vehicle will be as easy to take care of. 

 Oh… and just for an update, Odessa has to have surgery on those anal glands and the infection.  Seems as though the infection sealed itself off so Tuesday is butt surgery.

~ by mamadubs on September 14, 2008.

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