Feels Like A Monday

I hate days like this.  Started out muggy and hot.  Cool front came in from the cities, and I suspect rain will follow.  It’s the first day of no kids.  No more daycare, unless I’m watching Aurora.  But she stayed home today.  She fell on Saturday and her incision started bleeding.  Big scare.  My kids are all in school.  Last night the house was full with the whole family.  Amanda slept over.  She had a work party and it got late.  She had Isis and I had Odessa (who is suffering from infected and inflammed anal glands… owie!!!).  I was supposed to spend the day putting applications in, as I’m looking for a pt job.  But Blane called today and we talked for nearly 2hours.  Seems we are having some difficulty parenting our kids while teaching them to be parents at the same time.  My expections of Katie, Blane’s expectations of AJ are not being met, but mostly by AJ.  Most of the problems are a vicious circle.  Katie has more reponsibility, AJ has a fun life.  Yet, Katie chooses to only let Rori be here 2 full days a week and a couple hours each of the other weekdays.  Yes, we can get Rori anytime we want, and we are lucky for that.  I think if AJ had more of a schedule of when Rori is here and extend it to 3 days/2 nights it will accomplish two things.  AJ will have more responsibility, Katie will have more of a break. 

Update: Looks like AJ talked to Katie and they have agreed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of Rori being here.  Then he wants to take Rori to lunch on Fridays, but still has to talk to Katie about that.  Right now AJ and Blane are in the beginnings of communication and trying to understand where Blanes feelings reguarding Katie, as well as AJ’s on how he feels so hopefully things will be better there.  The rest of us are getting along well.  But this is a tough, tough road, wish us luck and prayers.

~ by mamadubs on September 2, 2008.

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