Mamma Mia…. I’m addicted

When Hairspray the movie came out last year, I fell in love with it.  I went 3 nights in a row. It cheered me up.  I loved the story, the dancing, the songs.  But….

it does not compare to Mamma Mia! The Movie!!!!!!!  Melanie and I went a few weeks ago.  I loved it.  When she said she could go right back in and see it again on the next showing, I agreed, but thought she wasn’t being serious.  I found that out once we got home.  Next night.  I went with my sister and some other female family members.  Anita and I sang out loud and even had others singing along in the theatre.  WE LOVED IT!  Couple nights later…. me and Mel had to go again.  That makes the total…

ME 3


Last Thursday, Aleck actually wanted to go see it.  So we went to the late show.  (Jeri don’t kill me …love ya!)

Friday Melanie and I took Amanda.  Score…

ME 5


Saturday I saw it online.  (free but not good quality).  But that night Mel and I talked our husbands into going on Sunday.  Score…

ME 7………. but only paid to see it 6


I’ve now downloaded the soundtrack and given a copy to my sister, my daughter, Melanie and 5 year old Gabrielle who heard the music Saturday at Mel’s and loved it.  Oh… and I’ve got one.  We think the movie will be going out of theatres this weekend.  Mel & I still wanted to take Gabs to it.  Whether I go or not, I think it official, I AM ADDICTED! 

If you get the chance to see it, do it.  It’s more than ABBA music.  It is the story, the scenery, the dancing, the comedy, and the cast.  I now hold a new love for Remmington Steele, aka Pierce Brosnon.  At 55 he looks damn good.  I dare to even say ‘hot’ in this movie, for an older guy.  He gives a couple looks that would turn my eye.  Maybe he’ll have to be added to “the list”.  Hahahaha.

 Yes, I could have bought the movie many times over with what I paid, but I just love it.  And yes, I’ll be buying the movie when it comes out.


~ by mamadubs on September 1, 2008.

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