Husband Tag

What is his name? Jeri David
How long did you date? We met at work.  Dated 10 months then he proposed, another 10 till the wedding. WOW, that’s not even 2 years total.
How long have you been married? 22 years Aug 24 2008
Who eats more sweets? I do.
Who said I love you first? I can’t remember but think it was me.  But I know it was Feb 1985
Who is taller? He is.
Who is a better singer? ME!!
Who is smarter? I think it’s a tie, but I know more trivia
Who does the laundry? He and the boys wash, I fold
Who pays the bills? He does unless he tells me to.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If looking at the bed, Jeri’s on right.
Who mows the lawn? our sons.  Amanda and I mow at the farm.
Who cooks dinner? Both, if it’s a quick meal, he does sometimes, if it’s a biggie, it’s me.
Who drives? Me, I get car sick easy if I ride 
Who is more stubborn? depends on the issue, but I’d say most of the time I am.
Who kissed who first? He did.
Who asked who out? He asked me if I was going to the work Christmas party.  I said, yes but late, I had to work first.  He said he’d wait for me there.  He kissed me for the first time later that night.  Does that count?
Who is more sensitive? I am.
Who wears the pants? Hmmmm, he’ll hate to agree but I’d say me.

~ by mamadubs on August 29, 2008.

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