The death of a hemangioma

Tuesday morning, AJ and Katie spent with Rori and her doctor appointments.  Wednesday morning, we all headed to St. Mary’s with anticipation for the removal of two hemangiomas that Rori has on her head.  One very large and protruding nearly the size of a small plum.  AJ and Katie both went to the pre-op room with Rori.  Katie later went with Rori to the OR room and they gave her gas to fall asleep.  It was especially hard on Katie to watch that.  Shortly after that the two parents came to tell us that the surgery had started.  Clearly both AJ and Katie were hit hard by that realization.  They both had been crying.  The surgery lasted just over an hour.  When the doctors came out they explained that there was more bleeding than they expected.  Rori wasn’t given a transfusion but would stay over night in the hospital for observation.  They also couldn’t remove the smaller hemangioma because of the blood loss she already sustained.  That small one isn’t visible through her hair.  After an hour in post-op we all were taken to Rori’s hospital room.  Rori had an IV in her foot and her head was completely bandaged.  The two sets of grandparents took turns visiting with the 3 of them throughout the day and evening.  Rori was sleepy but in some pain.  Like the mother of all headaches, the surgeon described it.  After a bout of vomiting, Rori was slowly becoming more herself.  By last night, she was drinking juice and even walking.  The girl is unstopable.  She walked down the hall to the playroom with an IV in her foot!  Jeri and I left last night watching AJ and Katie working as a team to do everything that Rori needed.  Quite honestly neither Jeri nor I had seen AJ that happy in a long time.  By then Rori was feeling better and he was laughing and being funny.  Hearing Katie laughing at him made me miss them all together as a family.

This morning I arrived at 8am.  AJ was sleeping in the room, Katie and Rori were out walking.  Rori had her bandages off.  It was a bit startling.  It is about 5 inches long.  It starts towards the back of her head and ends just above the middle of her forehead.  Hair will definitely cover it all, once some of it grows back after shaving some.  I looked at Katie after seeing Rori’s incision, she looked at me and said, “it looks good”.  “Does it?”, was all I could say.  She told me right away she couldn’t have done it without AJ.  She felt a little queasy when the bandages came off, but AJ was right there for her.  Throughout the night AJ and Katie took shifts with Rori giving each other some rest.  The pain through the night was bothersome to Rori so not much sleep was had by any of them.  The surgeon came by around 830.  He said it all looked good and said we’d be on our way home soon.  The IV came out and it was bath-time.  AJ and Katie gave Rori he bath together gently washing her hair and the area around the incision.  Then they both  came out and dressed her.  By then Rori was a bit fussy.  Katie started singing ABC’s to sooth her and AJ joined in.  I sat there in awe.  I watched these two “kids” for the last two days work together and be awesome parents.  I get a little choked up writing this.  They were amazing.  Since their breakup, they really haven’t spent time together, of course.  But here they were, not one word of bickering, not one moment of frustration for each other.  Just the love a little girl and making her needs.  Rori needed them both there.  And I think she showed them that by wanting comfort from each of them equally.  I am so proud of them BOTH!

Rori was released.  She went home with Katie and AJ came home and is sleeping.  But will be heading to Katie’s shortly to help out for the evening and maybe part of the night.  He works tomorrow and the weekend, but will be over at Katie’s when he’s not.  Rori is nearly 100%.  When we left the hospital she was laughing and playing and yelling down the halls talking to everyone.

~ by mamadubs on August 21, 2008.

One Response to “The death of a hemangioma”

  1. Happy to hear little Rori’s recovering very well… She looks happy on the photos, what a gorgeous girl… I didn’t know hemangioma could be as large as hers was, my toddler has a small one on her left upper arm and almost disappear completely now that she’s 2.5yo.

    God bless 🙂

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