With Sadness…

Joe Kudla “Snot”


On August 11, Snot joined the heavens and left us sadened.  We feel as though we have lost a family member.  We were lucky to meet him and proudly wear his signature on our shirts.  Our hearts are broken. 

Death is nothing

I only have passed to the other side

I am me

You are you

That which we were for each other,

We are still.

Give me the name you have always given me

Speak to me as you have always done,

Don’t use a different tone

Don’t adopt a sad or solemn air

Continue to laugh at those things

That made us laugh together…

Pray, smile, think of me,

Pray with me,

May my name be pronounced at home

As it always has been

Without emphasis of any kind

Without the trace of a shadow

Life means what it always meant

It is that which it has always been

The thread has not been cut

Why would I be out of your thoughts

Simply because I am out of your sight?

I am not far

Just on the other side of the path

You see, everything is fine

You will rediscover my heart

In it you will rediscover pure tenderness

Dry your tears

And don’t cry if you love me……



~ by mamadubs on August 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “With Sadness…”

  1. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful person. I love the “Death IS NOTHIN”

  2. Hey what happen I didn’t finish my comment and it was sent off. Sorry for the half caps in the above “Death Is Nothing” But I did want to know where it came from because I think it is wonderful.

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