Where to start…

Lots is and has been going on here.  Especially since May!!  Can’t believe that’s the last time I wrote.  Haven’t even talked to all the family to fill them in on news.  I’ll start end of May and work my way to now.

May 20th or so…

Amanda made a breif visit to Washington to visit my Mom and Armin.  She boarded the plane in her business suit she wears for MaryKay.  Heels and all, she was gorgeous and my ‘rents were impressed and had a great time with her.  She did plenty of shopping which was crazy since she owns more clothes than everyone in the town of Kasson put together.  But she returned home in one of her new outfits.  Mom called me when she boarded her return flight and said she looked so cute.  As I watched to find her, I saw a girl with long dark hair in a red hat and looked too tall to be Amanda.  As she got closer it was her, it was evening and she had on sunglasses, whe looked like someone famous.

Next day we got a U-Haul and moved her to the farm.

Got picked for called for Jury Duty and on the 2nd to the last day they finally required me to attend.  You better believe I went.  After questioning they picked me as one of the jurors.  We had a break then heard the trial.  On the way back to deliberate I had to hit the bathroom.  All of you potential jurors, don’t leave the group! By the time I got back I was nominated foreman!  Crap!  They all knew my previous juror situation, as I shared during lunch and they all wanted me to experience the full effect of being on a jury so picked me.  What fun!  It was about passing funny money and we found him guilty and I had to sign all the papers.  The judge commented that my signature looked like a lawyer’s.  Haha

Memorial Day:

Got a call from Danny.  A Golden Retreiver greated him in the driveway next door as he was washing his car, yep, I’m the one he called.  Amanda and I arrived and took him to the farm since the owners hadn’t returned the numerous calls the neighbors left.  Couldn’t pronounce his name but called him Kenny.  Next night the owners called and we returned “Kenny” with sadness.  Great dog.  We even offered to keep him, but that didnt’ fly.  We discussed Amanda getting a big dog for at the farm, but it didn’t go anywhere.


Aleck did his first tour as Team Leader in Training for SOS (TLT).  SOS= Summer of Service.  It’s the volunteer program that AJ has worked on for nearly 6 years.  His tour is August.  Aleck has a cute little girlfriend.  Pretty much dated all school year, whatever that entails.  Usually going to movies.  She has come here but mostly Aleck goes to her house.  Her dad is a Rochester cop.  Ahhh, help to keep him in line and he’s the best behaved kid out there so that’s good.

AJ turned 18, Amanda turned 20!  Crap, I’m old.  Lots and lots of work to do at the farm!  We’ve started painting inside and cleaning outside.  Tore down a garage, burned it in pieces.

AJ and Katie officially broke up.  They are remaining friends and according to AJ have actually been broken up for 3 months, it just took that long for the rest of us to come to grips.  Blane and I had the worst time of it, even worse than Katie.  I’m good, but Blane is still having difficulty adjusting.  We get Rori every Tuesday thru Wednesday and for some time on Sundays.  Katie had a minor melt down a couple weeks ago and AJ changed his schedule so we have Rori those days plus M, Th and Friday from 230- 530pm.   Rori is now walking all over and trying hard to talk.  Hoping to get the Hemangioma removed soon.  The docs gave the okay.  AJ would have it off already, Katie is dragging her feet. Your guess is as good as mine.  Katie’s sister got married and has moved to WA with her daughter so that’s been hard on their family.  My kids went to the wedding, Jeri and I joined them at the reception.

We’ve painted the dining room, living room and kitchen at the farm.  It started out cream.  Cream cabinets, walls, trim and dirty cream carpet.  Now each room has color and as we finish with new windows and doors I’ll start adding photos.

At end of June, Amanda came home to find her place had been broken into.  Here is the list as of now of what is gone, but as she looks to wear something, she finds it gone.

  • laptop & charger
  • bathing suits
  • 1 ring
  • a hand full of movies, but left about 40 behind
  • ALL her underware, drawer included
  • ALL her bras, drawe included
  • 1 cat, though we did find her later outside in the woods, seems unharmed.

Can you beieve that!?!?!?  Underware!  Called the cheif a police in KM (family friend), and Sherriff of Dodge Co.  Took statements and photos.  That night I did a lot of work on the place securing it.  Locks and alarms on windows (how they got in), new locks, just in case, yard light was installed the week before.  Amanda spent a few nights sleeping with a 22.  She wanted a handgun.  Instead she’s decided on a guard dog.  Monday night we got Isis. 3 year old German Shephard.  Perfect fit for Amanda.  She adapted so fast already we have been shocked.  Odessa seems to like her and keeps trying to get her to play but Isis is in guard stance yet.  But Amanda has been sleeping in her bed now, which she hadn’t done since moving in.   By the way… they do have some puppies for adoption.  Not German Shephard but a mix.  They have very short hair and look like brown Weimeriner’s.  Let me know if someone needs a new companion.  Wink, wink, Sue.

We are suspicious that Amanda’s ex-boyfriend & ex-room mate may have been the burglers.  There was many more pawnable items laying around.  Those wen’t taken.  Then the night we realized someone had broken in, Dustin called me at 230am telling me some stranger called him.  Got his number from Amanda’s computer.  Said he had all the personal files from the computer and that he didn’t break in but knows who did.  All pretty strange and have to go back to the copshop this week to notify them of this new info.  Whoever it was… sicko!  Underware!  Bras!!  Yuck!

4th of July:

Went to the fireworks with the Tukuas.  Used to do that years ago, and as my depression is better lately, we got back in the groove.  Went to the farm after that and let off more fireworks until 1am!  But it was fun.

Electrian was out yesterday to the farm and installed the airconditioner and motion light for outside.  I layed cement on the back porch.  I’ve hung plastic on the walls in bedroom and bought the paneling (blonde) and will begin to hang this weekend, hopefully.  New front door installed.  My body hurts and have bruises everywhere.

AJ is still and wants to remain single.  Amanda has a new boyfriend.  After over a month of dating I believe it official.  It should be, they see each other every day.  We have met him and he seems nice.  He’s tall!  That’s a plus, and he’s an avid fisherman, so she’s been at the river catching fish.  He doesn’t know yet that she doesn’t like eating fish, hates the taste or the thought, not sure which.  But since he throws them back, it hasn’t been an issue. 

Aleck and I leave in almost 2 weeks for Washington State to visit my Mom and AP.  Will be there 2 weeks!  Not sure how I’ll handle it.  That’s a long time away from everyone.  I left my camera at Amanda’s last night or I’d show some new photos, but I’ll do that this weekend.  Promise!  I think that’s all for now.  Ciao!

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  1. Rich says: Wink, wink…..no! (Sue says, Thanks though!)

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