A Peek Inside of Me

On the wings of Shannon…

Consider yourself tagged if you have a blog. Finish the sentence.

1. Maybe I should ORGANIZE my life.

2. I love quite a few things.  My family, my life, the ground.  The ground you ask???? Well, I am afraid of heights and would just assume never have to have my feet off the ground.  Even short distances in the air make me panic.  Just thinking about, my heart starts to race.  I’m a wimp.

3. People would say that I’m creative, caring, and sees things in only black and white.

4. I don’t understand why people feel the need to lie.

5. When I wake up in the morning I usually wish I didn’t have to get up.

6. I have lost too many things to mention.  Everyday I lose my keys, my wallet, oh… and yesterday I lost my husband’s credit card.  The saying that I’d lose my head if it weren’t attached is meant in the literal sense for me.

7. Life is full of lessons & love.

8. My past is an open book.  Ask me and I’ll probably tell you about it.  I get that from my Grandma.  It is what it is.  If I don’t want to tell you I’ll just say so.  I don’t lie about it.  So my past may be my past, but it’s not far behind me.  I use it every day to be a better person.

9. I get annoyed when people lie.

10. Parties are in my past.  The serious kind of parties.  I kind of went through the party faze again in my 30’s and did it hard core.  Nothing I’m proud of.  I still miss some of those people that I hung around with though.

11. I wish I could talk to my Dad again.

12. Dogs are awesome!  I love my dogs.  They’ve seen me at my worse and actually helped during my bouts of depression.

13. Cats are fun and quirky and are incredibly unique.

14. Tomorrow I’ll do it.  Probably will be on my headstone.  I’m a terrible procrastinator.

15. I have low tolerance for stupid people.

16. I’m totally terrified of dying or my family dying.  I don’t want to miss anything and I don’t want to go through the pain of losing someone again.

17. I wonder what my friends from elementary school in Chicago are doing these days.  I am only in contact with one of them.  Can’t even find them on Facebook or MySpace yet.  I’ll keep trying.

18. Never in my life have I purposely eaten a bug.  Man, that was hard to finish that sentence.  I have to say, there isn’t much I haven’t done. 

19. High school was great!  I loved it and cried when I graduated.  I still see some people on a regular basis.

20. When I‘m nervous I bite on the inside of my cheek until it bleeds.  My daughter does it too.

21. One time at a family gathering got even with my cousin.  I grew up with my cousin Paul.  He’s about 5 years older than me and used to pick on me constantly.  One day we were sitting on the couch in the porch when he was laughing at me.  He always did that, so to this day I’m not sure why he was doing it that particular moment.  I grabbed a pillow and as he laughed with his mouth open I hit him in the face with the pillow.  It was a crocheted pillow and as I pulled it back to hit him again, along came his braces right out of his mouth.  He still brings it up to this day.

22. Take my advice: Be true and honest to yourself and those around you.

23. Making my bed happens rarely.  I love it when I do it.  But someone is almost always in it.  With Jeri and I on opposite shifts, if the bed were to be made it would have to be by him.

24. I’m almost always self analyzing.  I wonder why I do what I do and try and improve myself all the time.

25. I’m addicted to my friend Brenda and reality TV.

26. I want someone to give me a million dollars.


~ by mamadubs on March 20, 2008.

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