A short story by Aleck Sim

 Aleck had to write a short story for English class.  He wrote this last night.   He uses the name Antonio to describe himself, not AJ.  Antonio is his ‘spanish’ name that he picks to be used in his Spanish class.  I think we might be able to guess who his new hero is.


One cloudy, gray, cold day, Antonio woke up and something told him that today was going to be a bad day. He had no idea what was going to happen but he knew something was going to happen.  While he was getting ready to go to school, one of his shoes was missing and he couldn’t find the shoe so he was late for school. When he got to school, while he was playing with his friends he fell down in the sand and got sand in his mouth.  He had to go inside and had to wash his mouth out. When he finished, the bell rang and he had to run to his locker.  By the time he got to class he was late and his teacher got mad. When he sat down he forgot his notebook so he asked his teacher if he could go get it from his locker.  His teacher said, “No you may not, you should always be prepared for class.” So Antonio had to ask a friend of his if he could borrow a piece of paper because he had a spelling test. After he took the spelling test, he corrected it and Antonio got most of the words wrong.

The phone rang  in the classroom and everyone in the room went dead silent. No one moved, no one made a sound everyone was as silent as a mouse. Then the teacher turned around, looked at Antonio.  The teacher knew what was happening.  He said, “Antonio, you are excused from school for the day.” Antonio was confused but didn’t really care because he got to miss school.  While he was walking down the hallway he saw his dad standing there.  His dad had a sad face, and Antonio didn’t know what happened. When he walked up to him he asked, “Daddy, what’s wrong?” His dad bent down and said with a very sad voice, “I have something to tell you.  This morning, Papa died.” Antonio couldn’t believe it! His grandpa, his best friend, his hero and role model had died and he had just seen him the day before. He knew his grandpa had lung cancer but he thought he would be around longer. Antonio dropped to his knees sobbing. His dad picked him up and carried him to his car. In the car were his brother and sister, both crying. While his dad drove them to his grandpa’s house the car was silent except for the weeps of all the kids.

As they arrived at his grandpa’s house there were many cars parked in the yard. Then, when they walked into the house, Antonio’s brother and sister walked straight into the other room.  Antonio couldn’t move.  He just stood there crying, thinking about all of the good memories he had with his grandfather. Then his mom came out of the room crying her eyes out. Antonio wanted to go hug her, but he couldn’t move.  He fell and sat aside the refrigerator. His mom walked up to him and said, “Its okay bud, he is in a better place now, he is in no more pain.” Antonio and his mother were just sitting there crying not saying anything at all. Then Antonio’s brother walked in and sat by Antonio and his mom went to the other room. His brother was hugging him saying, “Everything is alright, we knew this was coming.” Antonio was still crying not saying a word at all. Then Antonio and his brother got up and walked into the other room to see his grandpa. As they walked in, the whole room was full of people crying.  They were all crowded around the death bed.  As Antonio and his brother walked in the room, everyone moved and made a path for them to see his grandpa. When they got up to the bed Antonio was still crying yelling, “why did this happen?!” Everyone cried no one spoke.  Antonio fell to his knees and started to pray. When he got done praying and stood up to look around, more people came and left.  The paramedics arrived and came in to take him away. Antonio cried more and didn’t want to move so the paramedics could take his grandfather away. But his brother came and picked him up and moved him.  Antonio’s hands were trying to grab the bed so he wouldn’t be able to go.  But he couldn’t reach it.   He kept grabbing for the bed yelling, “Papa!! Don’t leave!!! I need you!!” By the time his grandpa had left the house more and more people started to leave. The only ones left were Antonio’s family, all sitting there crying, not believing what just happened. Antonio and his brother were in the other room crying, hugging each other. A couple hours passed and Antonio and his family left and went home still crying and still not talking.

Later that night, Antonio went to his mother’s room to see if she was okay and she wasn’t.  She was laying there crying and Antonio went to lay with her.  The whole night they just talked about all of the good times they had with Papa.  Now every year, on that exact day, Antonio and his family all go to his grandfather’s house to let off balloons into the air with pieces of paper on the strings saying how much they miss him.  How they wish he was still here and saying they love him. But every year, Antonio stays in the car and cries… and he prays that same prayer every year. “Dear God, please take care of my grandfather. He has done some bad things but he has also done great things. Please help my family through this hard time, especially my Mom. He was our Hero and always will be. We know your son died for our sins but please take all my grandpa’s sins away too.  He was and is a great man. Amen.”  

            (Inspired by a true story)

 R.I.P Papa 1-26-43/10-30-03. You will always be MY HERO.

I balled my eyes out while reading this. I am amazed whenever my kids talk about that day. How vivid their memory is of every detail that transpired. I was so caught up in my own grief that day, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that they have such memories. I guess the amazement comes that I was clueless of the impact that it would make on them. That they would remember so many details.

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