I’m pooped…

The last two days have just plain worn me out.  Yesterday I babysat kids.  4 of them 7:30 to 11:15 I had, Rori (10 months), Keegan (1.5 years), Garrett (3), Gabrielle (4).  After 11:15 I just had the youngest 3, that was until 5pm which is when I went to work at Shopko and worked until 10pm.  I was tired.  Then here is today’s schedule:

7:45- Garrett, Gabrielle, Keegan arrive

8am- my shower & get ready

8:45- take Gabs to school

9:00- Stop at the drive thru at McDonald’s

9:05- Drop off MaryKay product to customer at Shopko.

9:15- Shopping for new rugs, new shoes and a new black bra

10:15- Leave Shopko for home

10:25- Back to Shopko where I left my purse then head for home…again.

10:35- Get home and pay bills online

11:15- Keegan pukes

11:25- Keegan is in the tub and gets new clothes on

11:40- Keegan pukes (#2), didn’t need a bath this time, but needed clothes.  He feel asleep in Jeri’s t-shirt.

12:00- Keegan’s Mom comes to pick him up and as they are about to walk out the door it’s puke #3. Not to worry, I caught it in my hand like any good Mom would do. Clean him and me up and he’s out the door.

12:30- Start browning burger for dinner (chili)

12:40- Fix Garrett lunch

1:00- Rori arrives and is immediately put in the car seat of our car along with Garrett and away we go.

1:10- Arrive at Apache Mall to pick up Mary Kay product from my Director.

1:20-Arrive at Methodist Hospital to deliver Mary Kay product.  (had to park and carry Rori from the parking ramp with Garrett trailing not so far behind… in heels!)

1:45-Arrive at Aleck’s school for meeting with his teachers.  I’ve got Garrett and Rori in tow.  We didn’t leave there until 2:45.  Had to show off the kids to my kids’ teachers.

3:00- Rori and I are off to Target to pick up groceries for tomorrow night.  I play cards and am in charge of food for the night. Aleck took Garrett home and put him down for his nap.

3:45- Get home change Rori’s diaper and actually pee for the 2nd time today.  I didn’t have time.

4:00- Arrive at Shopko, I needed something else for cards, I do prizes too.

4:25- Meet first client from today and get paid for MK product and book a class with her.

4:35- Getting my nails done

5:35- Stop at Party America (need plates and napkins for tomorrow night)

6:05- Arrive at home to pick up Aleck and take him to church

6:30- Back at home and feed Rori dinner.  (Aleck had to help me with finishing up the chili, not sure what I’d do without him most days)

7:15- Rori and I are next door.  I’m cutting Danny’s hair tonight.

7:40- Danny arrives and away I cut.  Last time I was nervous to do it, it’s my first time with him.  Tonight I was too tired to be nervous.

8:20- Rori heads home.

It took me another 75 minutes to get the energy to come home.  And here I am.

The whole day while driving I talked to my director on the phone, probably 8 times, maybe more… my adopted director once, called and checked on Keegan and called my Mom.  Thank goodness for the cell phone.  Without it to use while driving many would wonder if I was alive.   Too busy to talk on the phone at home.

Oh help me…. 3 oldest kids here tomorrow and maybe Rori…. depending on the puking, of course.  And speaking of puking…. I think I still smell like it.  I guess I better hit the shower before bed.

Am I there yet?


~ by mamadubs on February 27, 2008.

One Response to “I’m pooped…”

  1. OK! I need to lay down after all that, and today do you have lunch with Amanda?

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