Random Updates

Last week Dolcessa went for her first grooming.  She came home smelling good and with a pink bow in her hair.  It’s too short and she got it out pretty quick, but someday it’ll last longer.  I got my nails done, so we were two pretty ladies… haha

Last weekend Jeri and I spent a couple days in St. Paul.  He spent the days in class, I spent it reading or driving to my favorite eating spots.  Me and Dolcessa.  Surprisingly, only one place that I either ate at or shopped at gave me the evil eye for having her with.  Most places didn’t know as she was in her bag.  She kept me company.  When I was bored I was reading so it was a really nice little break for me.  In the evenings Jeri, Chatza and I drove finding different places to eat and dessert.

This weekend is a big event for me.  I have a huge MaryKay class I am giving.  It’s all about skin care.  It’s a double mother daughter class.  At 15 I wanted to wear makeup.  My Mom had a class for me so that I wouldn’t look like a ‘floozy’ walking down the street.  And now that is exactly what I am doing for some girls.  Less is best.  A little mascara and lip gloss is what we are shooting for and mostly how to take care of their faces.  I’m pretty excited about it. 

Yesterday was the big day of court for AJ.  Both paternity and custody.  It’s the sucky part of having a child out of wedlock… well one of them I should say.  But in our case, all went extremely well.  Katie and AJ presented united in front of the judge on their decision to have joint legal and joint physical custody.  They had a schedule made and even holidays set up.  The schedule was really for in the case that they are not together as a family in the future, it shows what they agree on as far as parenting time for each.  We all hope they make things work.  Right now things are going very well.  They continue counseling as a couple for the sake of being successful and coping with stresses they face as a young family.  The judge was quite impressed with the kids and stated so in various ways.  He did state that he was amazed that this last month he has sat listening to 27 and 37 year old people fighting about custodial rights.  And here he had 2 17 year old kids that were more mature and more responsible and took their child’s best interest as their main priority.  The judge actually said they made his day.  Loraine and I were really proud of the kids.  They are fully aware of  how hard a relationship is.  And they really are working hard to make it all work well.

This is the first V-day that Jeri and I both were home to spend it with each other instead of working and of  course wouldn’t you know it, it’s the time when we are broke.  So no dinner out, but it was even better than I thought.  I put together little packages for special ones that are in my life everyday and we spent the evening delivering them.  Aydin, Davin and Ashlyn all were delivered to Mel’s.  I’m sure they’ll get them tomorrow or the weekend.  Next off to Katie’s where we saw Rori and Lilly-bell.  AJ and Katie exchanged gifts then too, but what AJ ordered for Katie isn’t here yet. I’ll photo it when it is.  It’s a purse that has Rori’s photos on it, can’t wait.  But he did get her a few little things in the mean time.  Katie went to Spencer’s, I think.  He now has boobs hanging from his rear view mirror.  Though I don’t think they will stay there long, we don’t need him in another accident.  So instead of fuzzy dice to hang, he has a fuzzy boob on each end of a string.  We got a kick out of that.  Then we stopped at Erin’s and saw Keegan and Gabrielle.  I had put this little noise maker in their bags, and I couldn’t figure out how they worked.  Of course wouldn’t you know that Gabs who is 4 did figure it out.  No one should be surprised at that tho, this is a 4 year old that knows every word of the Pledge of Allegiance.  She’s unbelievable.  Last stop was Amanda’s.  Her and Tiffiny liked their bags of candy and underwear.  Everyone had something different not just candy.  Finally at home AJ and Aleck opened theirs.  Then Jeri puked.  Now there’s a way to end a Valentine’s evening.  Love you hun!!!

~ by mamadubs on February 15, 2008.

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