If I blogged more often, it wouldn’t take up an entire page!

This week just whipped right by.  The week started with my falling down the stairs with Keegan.  I’ve got a bruise on my upper arm the size of a grapefruit.  I literally went head over heels.  We were next to each other and by the end, Keegan came tumbling down after me.  And it was only 5 darn steps.  I showed Keegan’s Mom my arm and she said the steps kicked the crap out of me.  Funny, exactly what it feels like too.  And it’s days later.  Really, I just wanted to compete with Shannonand her recent owies.

Rori was here Tuesday through Wednesday.  I love when she spends the night.  She’s now outgrowing the 9 month clothes, so I shopped the last couple days for some new ones for her.  Saver’s and Children’s exchange.  And still I spent $130.  You can imagine the amount of clothing.  oh… and shoes.  Yes… my Mom says I’m creating another Amanda.  And I am embarrassed to say it, but Rori has almost 20 pairs of shoes or boots.  Shhhhh…. don’t tell Jeri.  Though he bought her a new winter jacket tonight at Shopko.  Clearance priced at least.  He just won’t admit that if he liked shopping, he’d be buying her stuff all the time too.  Rori’s hemangioma seems to be getting bigger.  The kids missed the appointment set up with the plastic surgeon in December.  They both are afraid of her having surgery.  Us adult parents are afraid of her NOT having the surgery.  Blane and I are helping AJ set another appointment with a specialist that I found on birthmark.org.  He agreed to see her before, so I expect it won’t be a problem.

Katie and AJ have had their struggles, but have really been sticking by each other to get through.  School, work, and baby has been especially hard on both of them.  Katie cut down to working once a week.  AJ has opted to take a semester and go to night school.  They can help him catch up and get back on track and then he can re evaluate what he will do for his senior year.  If he did stick with night school he would earn a diploma from JM.  I am concerned of what he will miss out on.  He says he just wants to graduate and get to college.  Glad it’s still his goal.  Not sure nursing will be the avenue he will take.  That is not the important part.  It’s that he start and finish.  He and Katie have been meeting with a church counselor at Katie’s church to help them get through the struggles they have been  having.  I give them credit.  It was their idea and they are handling the appointments and continuing to go.  They are getting better at spending Saturday evenings on a date.  Next month we do have a court date for custody.  Just a formality that has to be established since they are not married.  They plan to go in together and have joint custody.  We are applying for an attorney.  But we are all still going into it united.  The DA of Olmsted county has given some advise, but we all want it to get taken care of the right way now so it’s all established and nothing to fret about in the future.  I can really tell that Katie is trying and getting better with her anxiety with Rori.  It’s AJ right now that is feeling all this pressure to be perfect kid, perfect dad, perfect partner, perfect student, etc.  So he seems to be all our focus these days.  Both families are quite united and that part is awesome.  Sunday is Lillian’s baptism and AJ is Godfather.  We are all going.  That evening we have church and then family game night at church that I am so excited about.  We went to a meeting last week about the youth in church.  It’s amazing.  When Aleck needed something to do and we found the pamphlet on our desk for church it was what he needed.  The meeting the youth pastor held on Sunday was just that again.  He talked about how society and Hollywood and all the pressures on kids today.  He really touched on all that Aleck has been going through.  I’m not sure how much more HE needs to do to show me it’s all in his hands and that he knows all that is going on.  I did talk to Pastor about my own need to attend church more and how I think it will help Aleck so much.

The rest of us are still the same.  Weekly lunches for Amanda and I.  She got promoted at work.  And school started for the 2nd semester and she’s liking all her classes.  She does have to pass Dustin in the hall once a day at school.  After all my bitching he’s finally going to college.  I’m glad for him that he ‘s doing it.  It’s just that it’s too late for him and Amanda.  Amanda is returning to the day care center that started her interest in kids.  She will be doing her ‘clinicals’ there.  She’s happy to be there in any capacity.  She’s always loved those kids.

Aleck is hanging in there.  Next week is prep for high school.  Can you believe my baby is going to start high school in the fall??? I can’t.  Time is flying by so fast.

Our hope this summer is to travel to Washington State.  We want to see all the sites on our way to see my Mom and step-Dad.  We want to take the whole famn damily. $$$$ will keep us from going to both Washington and Chicago.  Next month Jeri and I have a date weekend in St. Paul.  Long overdue really.  Dolcessa will be with us though.

I’m still going strong in MaryKay.  I can’t believe the change it has given me.  I don’t even know where my pajama pants are these days.  I feel better in every way and have even dropped a size in clothing.  If nothing else it’s made a change in my life for the better.  I just want to share that change with all women.  Just the positive and awesome people I’m around is great.

 Oh…. and did I mention… Rori is now crawling.  It won’t be for long, I expect as she already just wants to stand and walk.  I can’t believe how big she’s getting.  She’s trying to talk too.  If you say Aurora, she’ll say ‘Rora’.  What a first word, her own name!


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