Merry Merry Christmas!!

What a week!  It feels like a week.  Cleaning, shopping, wrapping, parites, working and finally celebrating.  We are having 3 days of Christmas this year.  Christmas eve was the turkey dinner we didn’t get to have over Thanksgiving.  It was celebrating with our kids.  Christmas Day is chili and oyster stew and celebrating with my family and the Overlands.  The day after Christmas is a dinner with my sister and her family.  Out to dinner that night. 

The rest of the week will be leftovers, getting back into the routine of work and starting to have more classes to teach for Mary Kay.  Less kids for the week, that will be helpful.  My office and bedroom are the big goals of cleaning.  Oh… and sending out my Christmas cards.  Yep, late as always. I’ve got to start budgeting my time better.

I had pictures taken of my kids!  Love them!  Well, time to get back to the champagne punch and game playing.  We got RockBand and PS3.  It is sooo AWESOME!  I love playing it.  Aleck and I have our own band that we started last night on there.  You can design your own look, name, hair and even go shopping for clothes.  And I get to play drums with Aleck playing guitar.  Now if only we earned real money!  HA!  Still it totally ROCKS!  No pun intended.

Merry Christmas.

~ by mamadubs on December 25, 2007.

One Response to “Merry Merry Christmas!!”

  1. Wow sounds like you are really having a wonderful Christmas, that’s great. Christmas Eve was the normal yes in Chruch singing and Armin surprised me and came in on his own and no mass wasn’t 2 hours. Wasn’t a full Chruch either maybe everyone was going on Christmas day. Spent lots of time Christmas morning and earily afternoon on the phone getting calls from all the well wishers which was great. Then off to our friends for a wonderful dinner. Gloria made a standing rib roast “hum” and veggies and scallop potatoes, they where still a little running but good flavor it was her first try. I made my all so hummy lentil salad of which Gloria kept all that was left so I had such a taste for it today I had to make it again. Then Gloria played the piano and I sang Christmas carol, amazing how good you think you sound after a bottle of wine. So Jeri did I get wasted on the punch. HA HA Well got to get back to house work we got hit with lots of snow through the night and I’ve had to shovel three times so far this morning and now I have got to get house work done. So wishing all of you a wonderful time.
    Love Mom

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