I swear we are all alive here.  Finding time to do some of the things I like, is what is keeping me from posting these days.  Everyone’s lives are so busy, I’ve got enough to update you on, just the time thing. 

Jeri: All is well.  He is working, not quite as much as usual, but that’s a good thing.  Luckily nothing outrageous going on with him.  He’s the rock that holds the rest of us crazys down on earth.  Thank goodness for him.

Amanda: No more Dustin, that’s apparent.  No guy in particular.  This semester is winding down.  She’s still working like a fiend and then school full time.  She’s loosing weight, too much.  Now at 117.  Not sure if it’s the  stress or the medication.  Speaking of which seems to be helping quite nicely.

AJ: He’s working and spending time nearly every day with Katie and Rori.  Rori is 8 months today.  WOW!  She’s wanting to crawl something terrible.  The kids have an appointment for Rori’s hemangioma in a couple weeks.  AJ’s grades are less than desirable, we’re working on that.

Aleck: Has his ups and downs.  He’s got a girlfriend now, so he’s on the up.  I just keep talking to him so to work on the down days when they come.  He’s working hard in school, but has fallen a bit behind.  The paper route is keeping him mobile which is good for his feet.  From time to time he’s lifting weights.

Me: Working at Shopko as much as possible.  I don’t want full time but when they offer a shift to me, all I see is $$$, so I say yes.  Still got all the kids for babysitting.  Gabrielle, Keegan, Lilly, Garrett & Rori.  Once in a blue moon we see Arielle as well.  MaryKay is going well.  I need more practice for my own taste. 

Last week was court for loser #4.  He plead to the lesser charge and they dropped the 2nd degree sexual assault charge.  It was all a bit bogus.  He tried saying it was accidental.  The prosecutor wanted that clarified, as he was disagreeing with that statement.  Marc’sLoser #4’s counsel thought they differed in the definition of accident.  It was an accident that he put his hand on her as he didn’t plan it, but he didn’t remove it either.  Whatever.  The judge saw through that bullshit.  Now the wait is his evaluation and sentencing.  He was present with this new girl friend.  They were awfully cozy.  Not that I totally bought it, but it was a good show just the same.  The only way you know that a previous loser is out of the picture is when it’s official that the next loser is in play.  As long as this loser is away from my niece and nephew, that’s the important part.  It’s what the next one will bring to the table that should be interesting.  And frightening!

With Christmas around the corner, you can imagine that it’s a little hectic getting everything done.  It being Rori’s first and all, we all want it to be something special. 

I’m out of mud to sling, so I’ll sign off!


~ by mamadubs on December 10, 2007.

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