Time is a-flyin…

It’s flying by fast.  Crazy busy around here these last weeks.  Aleck was in the hospital and we did his paper route for the most part.  It finally got too much with babysitting and Shopko.  Not to mention MaryKay and Jeri working tons.  He’s home now and hopefully will be back to himself soon.  He’s really struggled with things lately.  My sister problems and missing his cousins are on the front burner these days.  Tonight was our last group meeting for Wednesday nights.  It was sad but good to know we’ll keep getting together informally and then start up again in the spring.  Still much to work through as far as survival and forgiveness.  Seems every hurdle I get past, another one surfaces.  That part sucks.  Christmas shopping is more than half done.  Now I need to get my house in order so I can wrap presents and put up the tree.  It may help Aleck feel better as well.  Not much new with the farm.  I hear my brother is paying the payments.  I’m near just throwing my hands up and giving the whole damn thing away.  My sister keeps hounding me about money and the way I understand, losing her kids is a certain possibility.  I’ll get into that in the future.  If she fell off the face of the earth it would be best for many people.  Once all the farm stuff is done and the court issues with her boyfriend or is it ex-boyfriend, I lose track.  I won’t have to think a thing about her.  Can’t wait for THAT day to come.  Anyway loser #4 is back to court Monday but things could settle earlier than that or be put off until March of 2008.  I’ll find out soon.  Someone has been out at the farm.  Things are missing from the little garage.  Nothing that was mine, so I could care less.  But it is interesting that some stuff is gone.  Now that I think about it.  I think there is something of mine missing.  I had 2 extension cords going from the garage to the shop.  I didn’t see them the other day.  Trying to get the water turned off to Dad’s house and drain the pipes.  We’ve been unsuccessful in our attempts.  Amanda is doing well in her new place.  She registered for her classes for spring semester.  Yep, those of you pretending preparing to enter school in that same time frame better step up.  Amanda is loving her freedom.  We still have our Thursday lunch dates.  And Sunday’s family dinner.  I love that.  Thursday’s Rori comes over and Tuesday’s are my day with Lillian (Rori’s cousin).  Keegan and Gabrielle are still here nearly every day Monday – Friday and Garrett as well.  Soon my good sister will be starting a new job and I’ll have Garrett on more of a full time basis.  I love, love, love my time with all the kids.  AJ and Katie are doing quite well.  Tonight was Daddy group at school for teen dads.  The 3 of them went and had a good time and good food.  Well, that’s about it for now…. Ciao

~ by mamadubs on November 28, 2007.

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