As my life continues to evolve to more and more craziness, I won’t have time to cover all the meme’s I’ve started.  I’ll stick with the Thirteen Thursdays, but some of the others will just been here and there.

I’ve started a third job now.  I babysit during the day hours, work at Shopko weekends and few evenings and now I have a business and am currently a skin care consultant.

On Wednesday evenings I spend my time with a group of women.  Each week I am inspired by someone or something that someone has said.  I usually write about it, but in a personal journal.  But something tonight hit home.  With all that is going on in my life, I admit I’m starting to feel a tad overwhelmed.  Not in a depressed way, but in a ‘there’s a ton on my plate’ kind of way.  I am determined not to let the full plate take me over and throw me into a tailspin.  I’m setting this goal for myself.  That I not only get through all that is happening in my life and get organized, but that I keep my head above water after things settle down.  I sometimes get so involved in all else that is happening in my life that I ignore the deep issues.  This is where my blog will come into play.  I have some writing ideas that I want to use to continue healing while my meetings on Wednesday night has a break until Spring.  I’ve been in support groups before, but I tend to minimize what I’ve gone through and focus on others around me.  This is the first place, or the first time in my life, where I feel comfortable enough to share what has happened and how I feel.  I like that I’m challenged to speak about some topic each week and how it relates to my survival.  Those are feelings I have not had much practice in exploring over the years.  I’m thankful I’ve been given the opportunity to search inside myself and with the support of others, learn how to continue my struggles in forgiveness and understanding.  Wish me luck that I find a comfortable place to put my issues and that I can finally deal with them and still live with myself and those around me.

~ by mamadubs on November 14, 2007.

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