On It Goes… The World Keeps Spinning

So the courthouse called and I talked to the DA.  Turns out the papers AJ was served are more or less routine.  They write up the papers as in the event that the father doesn’t comply, the court doesn’t have anything to rewrite.  Default is that full legal and joint custody goes to the mother and no visitation for the father unless he asks for it.  The DA said that it is so rare that the couple are in agreement to custody and parenting time (the new term for visitation), that if we go in as we hopeto, it will be a good thing.  If we all go in together with an agreement already decided, the courts are happy to comply and state so in the paternity papers.  The DA mentioned that if we wanted a paternity test now is the time.  That’s a huuuuge decision that my brain says to have done just so all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted.  It’s just one of those things that is really touchy.  My pro for doing so is as I said, it’s just to have everything done right.  My con is how sensitive the subject is and hurt feelings and all that.  It isn’t necessarily a reason of making sure he’s the father because we think he is, but still, it’s a tough decision.  She’s 7 months.  Could you imagine what it would be like if we found out otherwise?  If Amanda (knock on wood) were to get pregnant and knew who the father was, I’d tell her to get the test done anyway.  For her to make the decision instead of the said-father.  It would be done, out of the way and no room for him to come back later and throw in her face that he never thought the child was his.  So there is another thing for me to ponder in the next couple months.  The formal hearing may not be until January.  Because Rori is on Medical Assistance the hearing is mandatory.  We knew that and all that the DA explained to me was what we had expected and learned from the Bright Futures program.  At first AJ freaked, but who wouldn’t getting served papers at work and having no clue what that meant.  Katie then was upset because AJ was upset and she automatically thought Jeri and I were mad.  Nope.  Not even a little.  I even called Loraine to tell her that the papers came, I already called the courthouse and all is good.  My good intentions didn’t pan out as Katie was still upset.  About what, we have no idea.  It all comes down to age for a lot of what we are going through.

I have noticed that Aleck has been 3rd on the list these days.  Wednesday night Jeri and I talked about that and our plans to have more Aleck time.  Whatta you know, school called Thursday morning.  The teachers have been concerned about Aleck and have seen him not himself.  He’s the happy go lucky kid and lately he’s been down.  I had a meeting with a staff member that knows Aleck well.  The will meet once a week.  Just the meeting on Thursday really helped Aleck.  I did take him to the doctor today and they want to have Psych re-evaluate him.  Situational depression is the hope, and not the technical term, but the one the doctor gave me went right over my head.  I’m starting to get a complex, all of us with issues.  As the world gets tougher and the problems get bigger I suppose an issue or two is expected.  I’m just glad we are an open family that talks about these things and helps each other.  I think I should have went to school for psychology and saved us all $$$ in therapy bills.  I wonder what it was like in the 1950’s.  I want to live in that era for a week and know what it’s like to not have such cares, to leave the doors unlocked and let the kids ride bike all day without a worry.  I’d like to be June Cleaver with the clean house, apron on and dinner on the table when my husband gets home from his 9-5 job.  When kids’ biggest issue was a pimple on date night. 

Rori is feeling better.  The Overland’s are all on a short weekend trip to Iowa.  Went and saw Lilly last night and she is growing so much.

I’m busy organizing and cleaning tonight.  Changed around the office space and AJ’s bedroom.  Now the big bedroom is daycare/office/MaryKay.  Yep, started selling MaryKay again.  I signed up right as my Dad was diagnosed with Cancer 5 years ago and never really started besides having some supplies.

Yes, I know, my Mom is worried.  Lots, lots, lots going on.  Damnit!  I better lose some weight with all this going on, I think I deserve it!

I start getting trained in as cashier at Shopko North in the morning.  8am.  Sure beats 6am at Mayo though.

Watched Next Great American Band on Fox tonight.  Got a call from my cousin Paul in Chicago.  He gave me the heads up on a band called Dot Dot Dot.


Check out the guy in the center: Adam Blair
Pssst: I think the dude looks a little like my cousin Paul, but in his worst nightmare.  I swear the guy has Paul’s mouth!

Seems Adam Blair is Eric’s guitar teacher in Chicago.  We tuned in.  Paul said the guy was like a Gene Simmon’s type.  Paul knowing I’m still a huge KISS fan from the late 70’s used Gene as a reference.  I told Jeri and Aleck that as we watched the performance of Dot Dot Dot.  We all laughed.  Check out the official website of Dot Dot Dot.  Just for the record, two thumbs up from me on their performance tonight.  We’ll be tuning in weekly.


Maybe if Gene Simmon’s peanut butter mixed with Billie Joe Armstrong’s chocolate… that is the analogy I’d have used to describe Adam Blair.  But that’s just my crazy sense of humor.  By the way, Billie Joe is the one on the right in the photo below.



 Of couse in Paul’s defense, this is more the Gene Simmon’s he was thinking.  Mine is the photo farther up.


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  1. I agree that does look like cousin Paul (in the mouth).

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