What A Day!

My plan tonight was to talk more about something meaningful rather than just the normal rant.  But life just won’t let me do the things I want. 

My day started early with kids arriving at 630am.  I took Gabrielle to school without incident.  Things were going all right.  I came home and got ready. 

It was loser #4‘s pre-trial hearing and I was planning on attending.  I got there early but the court and it’s cases were fashionably late.  His hearing didn’t start until 1145, but scheduled for 1100.  No biggie.  He walks in the room in his orange.  I’m loving that color.  Sadly, it’s the last time I’ll be seeing him in it.  He was released ROR and on Monday the jury trial starts.  I’m not looking forward to C having to testify.  Her mom and her will need to travel back here for it if they are called.  I’m waiting on word of whether I’ll be called as I am the one that reported it.  They stated that loser #4 will be residing in Stewartville, but none the less, I needed to change the locks on the farm house and shop.

  Problem was… I was babysitting, Aleck had his paper route to do, Jeri was sleeping so he could work tonight and I needed the locks changed.  I also had an errand that needed to be done today.  So that got done, had lunch with Amanda, bought the locks and ventured out by myself to Kasson.  There is some concern for safety as I am being blamed for him being in jail.  By myself I was able to change the 2 bolt locks on the house and hang the front door that was taken off between the house and the porch.  I took all the guns my Dad left the boys and headed home. 

 Mr. Keegs was gone.  AJ, Katie and Rori left early, Jeri needed to be fed, and I was still on my the road. 

Got the call from my Mom.  Seems as though my sister is spending time with my brother.  He’s has a questionable nature and a little too interested in my daughter if you get my meaning.  I cut him out a while ago but even with my warnings, it seems my sister finds it fine to have her kids see him.  Also the family she’s living with, their “best friend” R hangs around the house nearly daily.  “He’s really smart, has money, etc” and he’s taking her kids trick or treating tonight while she’s at work.  I see loser #5 has stepped up to the plate. 

Anyway, in this conversation with my mom I found out that my sister has been misinformed that I have high hopes for the farm.  That I intend to make it my ‘summer home’.  I laughed so hard at that one.  What the fuck am I going to do 15 miles away in the summer that I can’t do in my own damn house now.  I can’t even take care of the stuff that needs to be done around here, let alone have a ‘summer home’.  What does she think I am? Rich?  What a laugh!  I just go myself another job to pay for all the stuff that is needed to keep my head afloat. 

My siblings aren’t interested in handing over their share of the farm to me.  Totally fine.  I’m told my brother has been making the contract payments.  What a relief!  As long as I am not the only one paying, fine by me that they keep their share.  But they will have to contend with the fact that if they intend to keep their share indefinatly, a year of payments isn’t gonna cut it.  But I’ll cross that path when I have to. 

Right now my life is stuck somewhere between a tornado and a hurricane.  With all that going on, my daughter has ended her 4 year relationship with her boyfriend and today signed a lease on a new apartment.  So within the next 4 days we will be moving her.  Unfortunately, she will be working most of the time, so we will step in.  It’s an awesome little place.  Incredibly spacious with 2 bedrooms, 1 being a huge loft, and and office.  I’ll be posting those pics when I get them. 

For now, I’ll go with the doorbell ringing and kids trick or treating.  I was hoping to see my granddaughter tonight, but doesn’t look like I will.  I’ll post the photos I do have soon.

~ by mamadubs on October 31, 2007.

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