Another Animal Lover in The Family


Monday after school, my niece found a rabbit in her yard.  She thought at first it had a broken leg.  It was having trouble moving around.  Arielle was heart broken that this little rabbit was in obvious pain.  My sister called and asked me to go over and help.  Arielle was near hysterics when she called her mom about the rabbit.  I got there and it didn’t look too good.  Poor thing.  No obvious injuries and labored breath.  Heart rate was slow but still there.  After warming it some and making numerous phone calls, there we sat with this rabbit in a blanket and not knowing what to do.  Turns out there isn’t anyone in SE MN that handles situations like these.  Sounds like not much to get certified to help out.  DNR has info about it.  The man I called gave me a brief idea about what it entails to be able to be a contact person in this area.Anita came by tonight.  Sadly, about 8pm the little critter died.  I’m glad we tried to help it.  Looks like I’ve got a niece that is a bit like me.  I’m happy about that.

~ by mamadubs on October 23, 2007.

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