Feelin’ 10 years younger, or at least looking it.

Okay… I couldn’t take it any more.  I had not colored my hair in months.  And you can tell from the photo below.  I knew it was bad, every time I looked in the mirror I was shocked.  But after looking at a few minutes it would all blend in and I figured, it’s not that bad.  Last week my friend Erin saw me with the sun shining down.  She said something needed to be done.  I finally felt like it today.  The ‘new’ me looks 10 years younger.  I’d say more than 10 but with the way my body feels, I’ll have to reconsider subtracting more years, so 10 it is.  I know the new look is dark, but it’s actually my real color.  IF I wasn’t so gray!


~ by mamadubs on October 21, 2007.

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