I just sent the following in an email to Blane.  Katie has been ill lately and this past Wednesday was admitted to the hospital.  We’ve had Rori with us ever since.  It’s been good, very good.  Of course good to have her, but better yet, good that AJ gets a full on appreciation of all the work Katie does as Mom and how stressful it can be.  During work /school I take care of Rori.  Once AJ is home, she’s all his.  Meals, baths, nights, the whole shebang.  He’s been coping well.  Doing what he needs to do.  Figuring out her feeding schedule, playing with her, changing the diapers, he’s doing a good job.  But tonight… was priceless.  Here is an excerpt from the email to Blane.

Oh my goodness!!!!  AJ just came in here.  He says he is soooo tired and Rori won’t go to sleep.  What can he do to get her to sleep, he asks.  Now I have to say, Rori isn’t crying or fussing, she wants to play.  AJ hands her to me.  Just now he did.  I couldn’t help it.  I just laughed, not a chuckle, I’m laughing, nearly rolling on the floor.  Then AJ starts laughing, next Rori is giggling.  I told him, take her downstairs she’s not tired, maybe she had a cat nap and now she’s full of piss and vinegar.  I keep laughing, AJ keeps laughing, and Rori is smiling ear to ear.  AJ says, “I’ve tried everything to get her to sleep.  I gave her a bottle, I gave her cereal, I’m rocking her with her blanket by her cheek the way she likes it.  I even had ‘gay’ music playing on TV and still her eyes are wide open.  How can I get her to sleep?” I told Rori to tell her Dad he doesn’t know what tired is until he is up with her until 4am and then has to be in to work at 6.  Then he can talk about how tired he is.  I handed Rori back to him and said, it’s 10pm.  Go downstairs with her and play with her in her saucer a while and then rock with her again, maybe then she’ll crash.  I know she was up early for him but where can I buy the sign that says:


By the way AJ, this is the easy part of the job.

~ by mamadubs on October 14, 2007.

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