The Accident

Around 550pm Wednesday night AJ called Jeri and told him he had been in an accident on 15th ave NW and 37th Street.  He said he was fine.  I stayed home to start dinner and Jeri went to the accident scene.  He called me within minutes needing insurance info.  I asked how AJ.  He told me that AJ was going to St. Mary’s as a precaution.  Using the word precaution wasn’t AJ talking.  Some thing was wrong.  I told Jeri I was coming to the scene.  He told me no to meet AJ at the ER.  I insisted coming down.  As I drove there I was coming up the hill and I could see the firetruck, police directing traffic, orange cones… all that.  I thought, this was a bit more than a dent.  As I approached I saw AJ’s car. 

O M G!!!!


 I lost it.  To make a long story short and just giving the highlights…

The sun blinded AJ who was driving west bound.  He was turning left across traffic on his way home.  Not seeing the dump truck, he proceeded.  Within a second he was hit.  The passenger front end was under the truck so far it’s front license plate was wedged into AJ’s windshield.  After CT scans and xrays, he was only banged up with bruises and cuts.  Major bruises showed where the seat-belt ran across his body.  The doctors, after seeing the photos, said he was lucky and they were surprised that he had no major injuries.  Without his seat belt he could have been launched out of the car.  The force and weight of the dump truck could have done some major damage.  And thankfully no one was riding with him.  At times he, Katie and Rori are out shopping or running errands.  We now are looking for a new car for him.  An Army tank would make me happy, but it would be a bitch on gas.  By the way…. I now wear my seat-belt.  I hadn’t before, shame on me, but if that wasn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what is.  We all are incredibly lucky to be able to tell this story with a good ending.

~ by mamadubs on October 5, 2007.

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