It started like this….

Yesterday started out a very good day.  Blane and Lilly came over and the 3 of us went to the farm.  Blane needed to get the trailor after emptying it in the burn pile and I need to feed cats.  Off we went.  It was a good ride, us talking about how things are looking good in our lives.  AJ and Katie are good.  Jackie just got her first apartment.  Amanda in her new job, Aleck got his braces off.  I have really shut myself off from the sister shit, so we were looking forward to things settling down.  While Blane was busy at the farm doing actual work, I got to be inside with Lilly to feed her.  She didn’t have a good morning as she didn’t keep her breast milk down so she really hadn’t eaten since 2am.  It was about 1045am and she was not h.u.n.g.r.y! I got a bottle ready and long story short.  We had two episodes of puking and I was drenched, Lilly… not so much.  I don’t care, she can throw up on me anytime especially if I am holding her at the time.  Blane was quickly done so back to town we were coming.  Lilly wasn’t so happy, she was hungry since nothing stayed down.  So that was an interesting 20 minutes.  I get home, grab some paper work I need to drop off, call my sister and arrange for her to drop Garrett off at Glynner’s Pub.  It was this week’s lunch destination for Amanda and myself.  Ran into the Thomas’s there.  Had a good chat and caught up on our lives, then Amanda and I were ready to eat.  Amanda met me there.  Even though she works there, it’s still hard getting used to seeing her at the bar, no matter what side it is.  But none the less, there she was waiting for me, so we grabbed a table. 

Garrett has been going through a stage now, only wanting Mommy and Daddy and being at home.  He still loves his “E-ak” (Aleck) but he’d still rather be home.  I hoped Anita dropping him off there would help that, but he still had the big allegator tears.  The dissapeared pretty quick when I mentioned the park though.  Amanda had a doctor appointment that we were occompanying her to, but we had time, so off to the park we went.  I actually had fun.  I usually hate the park.  Amanda did most of the playing with Garrett.  Or played by herself.  Still a kid.  It wasn’t long and we were off to the doctor.  Garrett was very, very good.  And Amanda stayed vertical while getting her blood drawn.  But leaving the doctor, her car died.  Dustin’s working on it.  I then left to pick up Aleck for football practice.  While dropping him off, he noticed he forgot his jersey.  So I called AJ and asked if he would bring one to Aleck at Century High School while I did one more errand before going home to start dinner.  I had group that night.  I was looking forward to it. It’s a group of woman that are survivors of sexual assult.  Well that’s a post for another day, so back to the story.I get home I’m going to start dinner and the call comes in.  AJ called and said he’d been in a car accident.  He just got his liscense about 2 weeks ago.  He said he was fine, not hurt.  Jeri left to meet him at the accident scene. 

 To be continued…

~ by mamadubs on October 4, 2007.

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