Under Construction

Ciao friends!

This web site is currently under construction. Any changes made will not appear for several days to a couple weeks. I would have more time to get this construction finished, but as it is, I spend all my free time at my Dad’s farm cleaning up the mess that was left for me. Trash, household items, bills, pets and no money. Plus it’s a sty that needs serious cleaning. And nearly 2 acres of lawn to mow with a push mower. Lovely! When that’s all done, there is a pole barn with all my father’s tools strewn from one end to the other, and more junk that arrived long after my dad departed. We also have many, many repairs that need to be made to the house as the previous tenants had no clue how to care for a home. Yikes! Help!

So until I can make it back….



~ by mamadubs on September 22, 2007.

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