What a sacrifice

Jeri HATES working at Methodist. Something about the nurses being bitches. The unit secretaries don’t know procedure so Respiratory gets many false alarms and it’s overall a pain. Normally, Jeri trades to work at St. Mary’s. He’ll call people at home or beg them in the office. If someone asks him, I don’t think the question is fully asked before he is saying YES… That he’ll give his Methodist shifts to someone for trade of their St. Mary’s shifts.Jeri works Thurs and the weekend. He’s scheduled at Methodist. His friend called today, thinking he was going to switch his shifts with Jeri. He figured Jeri always wants out of Methodist shifts. Jeri was asked and refused. He said he wanted to stay working at Methodist through the weekend because Jackie was going to have her baby. Actually I think his words may have been Jackie will pop any minute, but I thought it sounded better the way I told it.


~ by mamadubs on September 18, 2007.

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