Dolcessa… revisited

Well…. here is link to Cessa’s photo’s. Jeri and I took a weekend and drove to Missouri to pick up our newest member of the family. We spent the night in Des Moines and found a mom and pop pizza joint with awesome pizza. Aside from them being Packer fans, it was great. We arrived at the breeder’s not sure what to expect. Wow! Lots of dog! And the cleanest place I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if there were and poop piles but from 3 dogs. The breeders must live in there constantly cleaning up the area. The breeders were a 70 year old couple that are retired. Awesome people. They gave us a tour, gave us Cessa and and invited us in. I think we could have talked all night. As it was, we were there nearly 3 hours. While sitting at their kitchen table and sharing our stories with each other, I was looking around at their house, I have no idea why this occurred to me, but it did. They didn’t have a TV. Hmmmmmm, strangely familiar. As my eyes came back around to the room we were in, I saw the china hutch. And there it was. A picture of workers. I looked at Mary, then Jeri, then the photo. She looked curiously at me. I asked if these were workers… yes indeed they were. My gosh…. they are the same faith as Jeri’s family and in fact know some of the same workers that Jeri’s family knows. What a small world. It really was an awesome time. We will get another of their dogs in the future. We even liked the area. Lovely scenery, and a nice dream to someday retire to a place and do just what they are doing. We stopped at a road side Amish stand and picked up some goodies for the trip back.

When we got Cessa she was 1.8 pounds. She now is 2.5 pounds.

Oh… and this is a sign of the gas station we saw all over. Jeri got a kick out of it.

~ by mamadubs on August 22, 2007.

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