Wild kingdom

Odessa made a new friend. Dustin brought her over last night. She came into meet the bird. I never knew that a pug can actually bug it’s eyes out more than they naturally are. Odes was so good with her, never once even tried to eat her. In the life of a bird…. that’s a good day.

She (the bird) is really doing well. Today she started eating the seeds on her own. Or at least putting them into her mouth. She has been pecking at the litter in the bottom of her cage. I look forward to her eating on her own. And I have yet to see her drink on her own. I started intoducing her to water as she has been getting a little less baby food. I take her food dish out and drop some of the baby food in it and then use the syringe to pick up some seeds and she’ll eat them just fine off the end of the syringe. I think she likes being babied. Every night I turn off the ceiling fan. Wouldn’t be good leaving it on…. while she flys around the room. Then when she’s done, she lands on me somewhere, shoulder, back, head, heck one time she landed smack dab in the middle of my face. Then I put her on my chest and she bunkers down on her stomach and falls asleep. She will even give me kisses. So my yet unnamed bird has started grooming herself, glad of that too. I was tired of picking at her feathers when dropped baby food would dry there. I look forward to the day that she stands on my finger with one foot and stretches the other. THAT is a sign of trust. You’d think that sitting between my boobs, sleeping would be enough of a sign of trust, wouldn’t you? Reminds me of the story my Auntie always tells. When I was an infant. I would go through crying fits. My Mom being a new mother and all, would stress out and finally call Auntie to come help her. My Aunt says, “I’d flipped you up on my tit and asleep you would be.” I don’t know why I just shared that…


~ by mamadubs on July 3, 2007.

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