That’s misses!!!!! noah to you….

Sorry, a little slow here on reporting about a few things. One, being the baby birds. After one week of life, I lost two of the birds. The one to survive, the largest one. At this point, you can see the feathers are really coming in. I am still feeding this one about every 20 minutes from morning until night with a syringe. Luckily I get to sleep at night. I kept this little one in a plastic container with some napkins and some litter that I use for the hamster. I kept it covered and in the office most of the time. It was quieter in there. It didn’t take long for it’s eyes to open up. Barely a day past the one week point and it was looking around. It still spent most of it’s time sleeping, eating, and of course pooping. Standing on it’s legs was not happening yet.I swear this bird changed every time I fed it. There was a visible change from morning until night. It was mearly days when the feathers were helping this one look more like a bird than an alien.

At this point I was trying to find out what kind of bird I was dealing with and what will be my next move to transitioning it from my home to the wild. It took me a couple days to come up with what is my best guess. It helped as the feathers came into view so I could compare it to other photos I found online. So it seems to me to be a sparrow. Maybe either a song sparrow or a chipping sparrow. I think it female as not any singing seems to be taking place. Now is my time to start to introduce what it would eat out on its own. At this point it is two weeks and it is starting to fly little distances. She seems quite comfortable with me and on my hand. When I am here typing or playing a game, she starts to churp to get my attention. When I hold her, she usually falls asleep. Uh oh…. this could get complicated. Who loves who more?On this past Thursday night, it could wait no longer. I needed a cage. Flight was obviously on this bird’s mind. Only problem… after flying a spell, it would land on my head. Yep, my head. Without much struggle, Jeri went to the store to puchase a bird cage. The seed eating is slow going. She will open her mouth for me and I plop a little seed in her mouth. She tastes it, then… spits it right out. Only when I am lucky and get it dropped far enough back in her mouth does it get swallowed. So still feeding the baby bird food. I have supplied her with seeds and water in her cage, but have yet to see her actually make the move to even look at the two dishes. The cage is sitting on the heating pad 24/7, so she has the option of sitting on the bottom and being a bit more warm. She seems to like the perches, though I did see her fall asleep today and nearly fall off one. She recovered. So my only worry? How will I be able to release her and most importantly, I can I not feed her baby food throughout the day?? If she needs to stay with me, I can do that. (nobody laugh!) But I would rather release her so she can be with her own kind. I remembered today that my Aunt has about 20 bird feeders for assorted species of birds at her home out in the country. My plan? To call her and ask her advise. Would she figure out how to find food if she were with other birds? Once birds can fly even a short distance, they travel with its parents to learn what is food and how to get it. I don’t think either the bird orPetsmart will know what to do, as this momma gets food there.

~ by mamadubs on June 30, 2007.

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