Belated should be my middle name

Here is my beautiful daughter and her family. Her boyfriend Dustin and their little girl… Odessa Bay.

Yes, belated should be my middle name. I never, ever get a card out in time. I’m horrible. I have all the best intentions, but still. I’m late. But I do give them with love.

wasn’t late, however, for my daughter’s birthday. On June 21st she turned 19! Nineteen… (groan)…. my God, I’m old! I told her of the day she came into this world, though she has heard the story often, some of you may have not. It was the summer of 1988. Hotter than hell, I think 105 degrees the day she was born. The day before she was born, I had a doctor appointment. My blood pressure wouldn’t go down, so I was put back on bed rest. Only after being on bed rest for 5 of my nine months, and now back to bed. I was to go home, right home.

I felt like shopping. No, not much has changed over the years.

Jeri and I went and bought some baby supplies that we had been meaning to get, and with me only in bed, I thought this my last chance to get it done. We got home, and we rearranged the living room furniture. I had to be on my side, and if I was going to spend the next month in bed, I wanted to watch TV comfortably. Jeri rented a video (this was before the DVD), a live comic act, Bobcat Goldthwait. My, it was outrageously funny. I laughed and laughed. At one point I felt my little baby kick me in the ribs. I swear it’s foot was stuck up there.

We went to bed late. Crawled into the waterbed as always. I was H… O… T…. HOT! We had a second waterbed set up in the baby’s room for our families that would be coming to visit. But it didn’t have a heater. Perfect. It was nice and cool. I even had a fan blowing on me.

I remember waking up at 5:00am and needing to go to the bathroom. I knew I’d be up for the day at 6:30, so decided to wait. I woke up a half hour later with a warm gush. I panicked. I had miscarried before this baby and wasn’t sure if that was what was happening or if I’d peed the bed. I wasn’t due for another month. I was frozen. I yelled for Jeri and he came running. He went with me to the bathroom, I thought I’d find blood. But my water broke.

We called the doctor, got our stuff…Jeri was in the bathroom every 5 minutes, he was nervous. He drove like a madman the seven miles in downtown Chicago to the hospital.

There was no need to hurry. I’d had one whole contraction. OB said to come in the hospital and go right up to Labor and Delivery, don’t go to the ER, it will take longer.

As anyone who knows Chicago, also knows that parking is but a myth, a fairytale, a hope. If you want to live to pay for your children’s college, you hope for a spot on the street. Otherwise, there is always the ramps. We had a little car, and good thing. My husband…. he parked on the street. Not along the curb, mind you. On the corner. So our car was parallel to the corner, at an angle.

What a site as he rushed me into the ER!!!!! What?!?!

I told him what they said, but my husband worked in the ER. He wanted me to meet everyone. NOW? Yep, now.

They get me on a cart, start wheeling me up to the delivery area as my husband is introducing me to everyone we pass in the hallway that he knows. It’s all a blur of lights, faces, nice to meet you’s, and the sudden start of contractions.


I barely get into the delivery area, not even in a room yet. I felt funny. Told them I felt funny. But what is funny feeling to a first time mom? The doctor’s thought it was the normal. ‘You have no idea what your in for’ looks I was getting was concerning to say the least. I finally insisted that something wasn’t right.

With a sigh, the resident checks to see how dilated I am. “uh oh” he says… UH OH? Two words I did NOT want to hear. I looked at him, my eyes must have been as big as saucers. “I’m shaking a foot”, he says. Damn right… uh oh! So OR here I come. Emergency C-Section. Yes, my lovely daughter was bound and determined not only to come early, but to come whatever why she damn well felt like it. And to this day…. ahhhhhh she’s still the same. Independent, stubborn, opinionated…. damned if I know where she gets it. Good thing she’s beautiful.

Remind me to tell you sometime of how I woke in the recovery area to my husband with a bandage over his eye. He didn’t have it when we got to the hospital… crap! Now what happened????


~ by mamadubs on June 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Belated should be my middle name”

  1. Thanks Bobbie I was needing a good laugh and that story always does it for me. You really need to write a book it would be hilarious. Now the rest of the story “what happed to Jeri”

  2. Shannon you have a story about Evan when you were laboring to have Nolan don’t you?????

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