Mama Dubs’ Animal Sanctuary open for Business 24/7

Mama Dubs’ Animal Sanctuary has openings for all types of animals and reptiles. Orphans welcome! Free room and board. Unmeasurable amounts of love available.

Dustin called today. When they moved into their new house, they had birds living in a nest in the vent over the stove. Giving it more than a month for the birds to grow and leave the nest. They decided it time to get the nest out so Amanda could use the chemicals necessary to clean her oven before she used it for the first time. (she is my mother’s granddaughter) But….. she heard the faint sounds of baby birds once again. They couldn’t wait again, so Dustin took the nest out as careful as he could. Five babies and one egg was left in the nest that came apart in pieces while trying to excavate it. One baby had died, the egg was not fertilized. After laying the nest down in the grass, the parents would not come to the nest. They watched from the tree. He waited hours, but they never went back. He called me. Now I am the adopted Mom of 4 baby birds. One did die on my so far. But the other three made it through the night and I am feeding as often as they ask for it during the day. They are in a container on a heating pad. If they are too warm, they have been sleeping through wanting to eat. So I lowered the temp and they seem to be more active then. Baby bird food from Petco and a syringe is what I’m using.

They slept on Jeri’s pillow last night on the heating pad. Damn things has auto turn off every hour! So I set my alarm just to turn the darn thing back on. Tonight I’m using Amanda’s heating pad, the old, unsafe kind that heats until you take it off. Hanna slept right next to them. She keeps her eye on them and when they cry she looks in there to see what they want. If the other dogs come near them, she growls. Right now she is in the office with me. She is laying on the floor next to the box I have the birds sitting on top of. I barely hear them and she starts prancing around until I check them. Then I have to show her they are fine and she’ll finally go lay down.


~ by mamadubs on June 14, 2007.

One Response to “Mama Dubs’ Animal Sanctuary open for Business 24/7”

  1. Bobbie,
    Noah called said his Ark has a leak and he needs a place to keep the animals till it’s fixed. I gave him your number………..
    Your just tooo cute.

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