Mr. Keegan

Today has been an okay day so far. I had Gabrielle this morning and my Keegan man. He’s working on crawling, so we had fun playing on the floor. I am so happy that I can have him and get my fill of Keegan love. Those dimples and that smile just lighten my day. I thank God for him, well… and his Mom!

I got Garrett and Arielle too. That’s two sets of niece and nephews. Garrett chipped his front top teeth last night so they are a little shorter today, but he seems to be handling it. The dentist didn’t even scare him.

I picked up AJ from school. Only a couple days left. On our quite drive home, I wondered what he is expecting his summer to be like. I know that I am not letting him be at Katie’s every minute he isn’t working. We would never see him that way. AJ’s mentor asked to see him and Rori before school gets out. I asked AJ today if he thinks he’ll have a chance to see Mr. Sonju. I purposely didn’t ask about Rori. He said, he-just-doesn’t-know. It wasn’t snotty, just not normal, almost regretful. What can you say, as long as people around Katie agree with AJ never having Rori to himself, it will continue.

Heading to the library and to Barnes and Noble today after Jeri goes to work. Laurell K. Hamilton’s latest Anita Blake book came out today. I’ve read chapter one online. I’m off to check it out. I know my husband is thankful I read the books. I think he’s considering a thank you note to the author.

~ by mamadubs on June 5, 2007.

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