I was thinking last night. Yep every night, I toss and turn and my mind goes wild thinking of things that need to be done, what I could say to whom, decorating ideas, landscaping ideas, and it goes on and on. Some nights, it’s when I take the time to look into myself and wonder many things. Last night…. a feature of my personality. Addiction. I took a quiz. YES, I have an addictive personality. NO, I didn’t need a quiz to tell me. Looking back I can see it. I’ve spent much time being addicted to something. From the bad of drugs and alcohol, to my blog, now to reading. I always seem to trade one addiction for another. Gambling, food, sex, online shopping, online games, drugs, chatting, alcohol, photography, blogging, crafts, tv, reading; the list can be endless, or at least it seems like it. I find something that interests me and run with it until I am sick of it, exhausted or something else peaks my interest. I am just waiting for two more to show up. Cleaning and exercise. Luckily for me, or should I say, after many, many struggles… my addictions seem to be improving. All the bad ones have been in my past. My current one is the reading. I probably get through a book in 2 days, if it close to 600 pages, maybe 3 days. I’m not even buying the books anymore. The library is my friend. I’ve started checking out 3 or so books at a time to help save time. I’m reading the Anita Blake, vampire hunter series. I’m on book #11. She has #14 done and #15 comes out next month. Laurell K. Hamilton is the author. I’ve already finished the series of Merry Gentry. The 8th or so book of that series comes out in a few months. Then Barnes and Nobel will be my friend. When I’ve got nothing to do, — Oh who am I kidding– the day the books come out, you’ll find me on one of their comfy couches reading those new books. Yep, I think life is looking up. I’ve got kids around me all the time, which I love, all the negative addictions are all ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ and the good ones are sticking around. Still blogging, gotta keep everyone informed of what’s new. I love having somewhere to write my stuff down so my brain doesn’t explode. I still do the photography, would even love taking some classes. I’ve got my first grandchild to love up, just have to keep the shopping for her to a minimum. (She’ll never wear the same outfit twice. Look out Daddy… you’ll need to build her a walk in closet before she’s 1.) TV will always be a love of mine. Now if the sex addiction would kick in a little, Jeri would be happy. And if the cleaning one did, my Mom would be. Everyone’s gotta have goals!

~ by mamadubs on May 15, 2007.

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