The good and the Bad

Since I share my life, I have to share the good with the bad. Monday morning… AJ went to school, as the day progressed news spread about the Virginia Tech shooting. Another bit of news went around as well. A friend of AJ’s was skateboarding and a fellow student showed up blazing a knife. AJ’s friend is Jewish, the student… anti-Jewish. The word that the student also had a hit list and talked of shooting up the school before year’s end. All of it, and none of it, sat well with AJ. He didn’t like his friend being bullied, and the shooting thing wasn’t good either. AJ approached the student, he asked if it was all true. The knife, the shooting, the hit list. The kids says, “yeah… what are you going to do about it? Punch me in the face right here?”… So he did. Yep, one punch. Bloody nose, cut lip. He came home and told us. Great. This year was so good, no suspensions, no detention, no nothing. Over night he decided to go to the office right away in the morning and talk to the assistant principal and let him know what was going on and about the punch. Unfortunately, the kid’s parents beat him to it, at least about the punch. After AJ was finished in the office, he was suspended 3 days out of school, 3 days in school. The school cop said there would be no assault charge because the kid ‘brought it on himself’, but the district has a no violence policy, so they had to stick with the suspension. So in light of all that has been happening this week in Virginia, we are being sure to pursue this and find out what is going to happen to this kid who has plans about shooting up the school. Do you know that they have drills in school. Tornado drills, fire drills, and….. lock down drills. In case someone comes in blazing guns! What has the world come to?
So there is my news, I share the good, the bad, and the ugly. You decide the category of this one. I’m stuck on it. AJ was defending his friend and his religion, and making a statement of his disagreement of the choice of shooting up the school and having a hit list. How do I discipline that? AJ could have handled it better. It’s the way they would have handled it in the 60’s. Some rumble would have taken place and the kid’s mind would be changed about killing fellow classmates.

~ by mamadubs on April 18, 2007.

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