Country Week

So while trying to continue life in the most normal way, I finally sat and watched American Idol with pen and paper in hand. I always look forward to country week and I was not disappointed, well, except Sanjaya, but that goes without saying.
Phil started out well with a perfect song for him. He sounded like a pro singing country, definetly his genre.

Jordin… my God! 1st, I love this song. It my favorite Martina McBride song. The first time I heard it, I cried. My daughter and I so get into this song, practicing to see who can hold the note the best and the longest. Tonight was the first time in a long time that the lyrics of this song brought tears to my eyes. Aside from Paula giving the damn KOD… she was perfect!

Sanjayauhhhhhh! We are back to what we expect from Sanjaya. Crap! He was pitchy, and sloppy sounding and I just didn’t get the song choice. For the love of PETE, people….. stop voting for him. You are hindering a potential star for the quality of their talent instead of all for just a joke. I can’t believe his family isn’t hiding their faces in shame. What ever happened to teaching our children integrity? The show isn’t a joke to those who try out to change their lives for the better. Some come from meager lives that they wish to enrich and this show can do just that for them and their families. But Sanjaya’s family is doing it for the glory. There is much shame in that. If I were Sanjaya… I would quit, and I am the farthest from a quitter. But I would have to, I would not want to win this for a joke, I would not want it to be taken from someone who truly deserves it. This kid could make millions doing the whole William Hung routine and probably more money. Have the courage to do the decent thing. He’s got more than his 15 minutes of fame… move on!

Lakisha‘s performance I liked and thought she did it well. She sounded great and I thought the song had meaning for her and she showed it. How else did they expect her to do country? If she had changed a Carrie Underwood song to suit her style, the judges would have complained that it was too new a song by too well known of an artist to change the arrangement.

Chris was a little rough at first but it did get better. He was a bit pitchy and seemed to stumble just before the end. I don’t care for the nasal sound and if he thinks that is going to get him a record deal because it is a way of singing… he’s sadly mistaken.

Melinda… I was worried when I saw the taping of her with MM. A song Martina hadn’t heard was probably not a good idea. But just as Martina said, she really did it well and I actually kind of liked it. Thanks Simon for mentioning the whole, ‘oh my gosh… you really think I’m good?’ routine.

Blake did a good job, tho I didn’t care for the song much. He’s definitely worth keeping him around.

Thumbs up… Jordin
Thumbs down…. and downright sucked!… Sanjaya

~ by mamadubs on April 17, 2007.

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