a quick note

So between my being sick, and Aleck being sick, we also had the pleasure of seeing AJ through getting his tonsils out to tame the snoring monster. We had to readmit him to the hospital this week for bleeding. Katie is 35 weeks today, and more than willing to get this kid out of her. The shower details are coming along. I have been busy making the party favors. That is in a little over a week. Sad news… we had to put to sleep my Carter boy. The found cancer in his lung, liver, and pancreas. He was in pain and you could tell not feeling himself. He also had little tumors growing all over and his eye had developed an ulcer. OH… and diabetic too. I can tell you how much I miss him. I’ll do a post on him later with a link to pictures. I’m still sick and it’s getting difficult getting everything done while fighting the desire to just crawl into bed and never come out.

As far as the whole reality tv stuff… I’ve been watching, just not judging too much, I’m either too sick or too depressed. I’m getting a bit tired of Sanjaya sticking around, he’s getting much too cocky. And he has not improved all that much to justifing letting others go. At least Dancing with the Stars is getting it right.


~ by mamadubs on April 5, 2007.

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