Gwen Week on American Idol

Damn the flu! Over a week now and still feeling shitty. I did manage to watch dancing with the stars on Monday but didn’t care how anyone danced, though Billy Ray improved and Joey made me laugh. So for most, you know that Paulina joined the ‘first to go’ club. Hopefully as the week goes, I’ll be back to my usual posts.
As for American Idol, here’s the re-cap:
Lakisha– “Let’s Dance” from Donna Summer
She sounded as good as ever but I wanted her to really belt it out in the end.
Sligh– “Every Little Thing She Does” by The Police
Again he was ahead of the music. Seems to be doing that every song now. He needs to really pull it out to stay in. His vocal was good. Maybe if the drums had a solid down beat he could keep to the music better. Who knows.
Gina– “I’ll Stand by You” from.. I have no clue
But I loved it!!! Perfect song choice for her. She was back to what I love about her, soft yet still edgy. Really good, and she’ll need to keep that up going up against the heavy hitter women she is up against.
Sanjaya– “Bath Water” from No Doubt
My first reaction was…
“WHAT THE FUCK?” And I don’t even know if that was because of his singing or his hair. At least he didn’t look pretty as a picture this week. At this point is he just trying to do the most outrageous things to see how long the American public will keep him around? Probably what I would do. We all know he will be winning no awards with his singing or performing. So why not join in on the ridicule yet be in control of it at the same time. Getting back to this specific performance, it could have been a show stopper as the uniqueness of the song was awesome. Maybe Blake should have given it a try. I can’t judge the song or his showmanship, but I’ll rate his faux pony hawk…
Haley– “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper
She holds back too much. She can’t do this, especially at this point in the competition. Shame, she has a great voice, nice tone. She did well in this song, aside from the few pitchy parts. KOD from Paula. Steph got it last week along with the boot, we’ll see if it’s Haley tonight.
Phil– “Every Breath You Take” – The Police
Good choice for him. Good solid performance, let’s see if he has a great fan base.
Melinda– “Heaven Knows??? I have no clue what song it was. And quite frankly I don’t give a damn. When first this season started, I commented on her humility. It was in endearing. WAS! Even Ryan commented on her ‘surprise look’ after the judges speak. He had to say, you have heard nothing but good, why do you seem so surprised? What the hell? It’s old. And… her songs all sound the same to me.
Blake– “….. yawn. Again, not sure what he sang. He started out and I was waiting so intently for him to do at least a little of his beat-boxing thing and I nearly fell asleep. Yes, he’s the best guy, but not going to get him far with so much female talent… look out Blake.
Jordin-“Hey Baby” from No Doubt
Her low range isn’t as strong as the rest. It took the middle of the song before I liked it.

Chris Robinson- “Don’t Speak” from No Doubt

I usually don’t care much for Chris. He is middle of the road for me. But I liked this one, one of his best. I could hear his voice more on this one and I thought he did the song justice while still making just a tad different. Vocals were great.
My favorites tonight: Gina and Chris Robinson
Thumbs down for: Sanjaya, Haley and Blake

~ by mamadubs on March 28, 2007.

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