Another British Invasion

Haley-“Tell Him” 1963
Vast improvement from previous weeks. She was more sure of herself and her voice carried well. Fun song.
Chris-“Don’t Let The Sun Get You Crying”
Little boring in the middle of the song, his vocals were right on. He has a nice soothing voice but not overly great. I want him to wow me.
Stephanie-“You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” 1966
Fist part of the song I didn’t care for and she seemed to be holding back. A few pitchy problems and the ‘Kiss Of Death’ (KOD) from Paula.
Blake-“Time of the Season” 1967
I usually don’t care for this song at all. Tiny, tiny pitch problem. He did just the right amount of his thing (B-boxin?), I liked it enough to buy it.. so that says something.
Lakisha-“Diamonds are Forever”
Not my favorite performance of hers, but still the quality of her voice rocks. She can sing, that’s for sure. But I’ve enjoyed her more before tonight.
Phil-“Tobacco Road” 1964
He sounded good. Is his shirt dirt? I thought it more a song that Daughtry could sing with success. Phil is very ordinary sounding.
Jodin-“I, Who Have Nothing”
Holy Crap! I was so enthralled with her singing that song, I didn’t even write any notes. All that can be said is …
Sanjaya-“You Really Got Me Now”
Lord, help me, he wasn’t that bad. You can’t say his voice didn’t carry well. We could hear him. He was as good as the original. In saying that, I still think he should be voted off this week. His vocals combined, or even one of them alone, is not good enough for this competition. But I’ll be surprised if he goes home tomorrow.
Gina-“Paint It Black” 1966
This is the first performance of Gina’s that I didn’t care for. I thought I was watching the show ‘Rock Star’ instead of American Idol. She needs to worry this week.
Did you hear Simon slam with the comment about what this competition SHOULD be about? Singing… Amen, Simon!
Sligh-“She’s Not There”
As I watch him I think of the fact that many of those involved in the British invasion were not made of artists of great talent. Performers, rebellion-ism (yes, I made up that word), but not talent. With that said, I liked Sligh’s version, he did much better vocals that the originals did.
Did anyone see the hand gesture that Ryan did while talking to Chris Sligh? I think the judges did! Naughty, Ryan. And a picture in my head, I never expected to have. YUCK.
Melinda-“As Long As He Needs Me”
From Oliver!, and my 13 year old recognized that. Of course, he was in the play last year as Bill Sikes. I’ve liked many of the other songs Melinda has sang much better than this one. She makes singing look easy, and her voice has true quality.
Sweet for them to bring up the little girl at the end. Remember all those black and white reels of the girls screaming and crying when they saw the Beatles? She fit right in to the theme tonight.
My favorites tonight: Blake and Jordin
My ‘please let them be gone next’ tonight: Phil and Gina, but I think Sanjaya deserves to go.

~ by mamadubs on March 20, 2007.

One Response to “Another British Invasion”

  1. Thanks for your notes on AI. Dummy me forgot to hit the record since we where out for the evening. Now at least I have an idea of what was sung. You do give great reviews which helps keep me updated. Keep them coming always enjoy your writings.

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