What a Relief

After the disappointing start to this season’s American Idol, I was apprehensive to watch another competition. It was much better than I anticipated. The men stars danced the Cha Cha, the women, the Fox Trot.

Ian (90210)& Cheryl(2 time champ) were up first and did well. He led a little with his heel, but otherwise they did great.
8/10 by Me 21/30 from the Judges

Paulina (super model) & Alec (1st season winner) were next. She was a little stiff, but I can see her improving well. Great chemistry.
7/10 Me 19/30 Judges

Billy Ray (Achy Breaky Heart) & Karina are in this to win, is what they said in the beginning. They have a lot of work to do if that’s the case. Billy Ray was very clunky on his feet. Not smooth at all. The end moment of him trying to take his mullet back, and it not working defined the whole routine.
5/10 Me 13/30 Judges

Leeza (Gibbons) & Tony did all right. Besides almost falling asleep from boredom and the dull song, Leeza looked a little stiff but overall they did their job.
6/10 Me 15/30 Judges

Joey (‘NsYnc) & Kym were great. I loved the way they incorporated Disco and the Cha Cha. Joey is defiantly a contender.
9/10 Me 24/30 Judges

Laila Ali & Maksim (what a hottie) were in for a little challenge as they needed to make Laila more feminine. That they were able to accomplish, but she sure has a low voice. Can you say steroids, anyone? As far as the dancing, her neck angles need improvement. Her extensions weren’t bad but need improving.
7/10 Me 23/30 Judges

John (Cliffy) & Edyta only had two weeks to prepare instead of the four weeks the rest had. That was already two weeks shy of previous years. Edyta didn’t disappoint, she had her all too famous leg warmers on. Watch, she wears them at 99% of the rehearsals. Though John was leading with his heel too much, he did well, especially for the short practice. He seems smooth on his feet. Lots of potential. Loose the gum.
7/10 Me 17/30 Judges

Shandi (Miss USA) & Brian who is new to the show and looks a little too much like Leo DiCaprio were next. Shandi had okay extensions, they were smooth but the neck angles should have been better.
6/10 Me 19/30 Judges

I love this host. He’s a hoot!

Clyde (the giant) & Elena looked very uncomfortable. Too many heel leads. Not the worst I’ve ever seen on the show.
5/10 Me 16/30 Judges

Heather (soon to be ex of Paul McCartney) & Jonathan was who I was a bit interested in seeing. If not for her to dance with her prosthetic leg, than to see what this soon to be ex was all about. After seeing the practice video I was even more intrigued with how this would all work. After the dance, well …. she certainly is inspiring, to say the least. A tiny bit of clumsiness, but other wise they did all right. It’s hard to not judge her differently due to her difficulties with her leg. She did good though.
6/10 Me 18/30 Judges

Oh.. did I say I love this host? His joke about seeing who will be joining the first to go club rocked.

Lastly Apollo Anton (speed skater) & Julianne graced us with their routine. Well not so much graced as… well… you now what I mean.
Footwork… good.
Hips… great
His facial expressions were a little goofy looking but he still can be quite good. He needs to work on his hands more, they looked a little sloppy.
7/10 Me 21/30 Judges

They all dance next Monday and with the voting today, Monday and the judges scores, we see the first to go on Tuesday of next week.


~ by mamadubs on March 19, 2007.

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