This Season Sucks!

Brandon starts us out, badly. Dude…..don’t forget your words. ‘Nuff said. 6
Melinda is up and though I didn’t care for the song or the arrangement, you have to appreciate the quality of her vocal. 8
Paula… stop blubbering
Sligh changed it up a bit and was very original. I liked it, the judges didn’t care for it. All three of them have at various times said to ‘switch it up, make it your own.’ When they do, they don’t like it. I enjoyed his voice as well as the new tempo of his version of the song. 8.75
Gina‘s song, I loved this one too. I thought her work at annunciation was good, especially with a tongue ring. 8.5
OH crap… Sanjaya was up. What’s with the hair? I am thinking he is trying to distract from his awful voice by coming up with a new doo each night. About the song, oh… his voice did not project at all, pitchy and he seemed uncomfortable as he forced his movement on stage. But he sure looked pretty. Who out there, besides myself, got what Simon said when referring to a wail not a whale as soon as he said it? Shit.. almost forgot to rate him, let me check my notes. Forgot to rate him there too. So from memory… 7
Haley, wow, Simon remembered her name. We all will remember that she too forgot the words. I don’t remember in the past anyone at this level of competition forgetting words. They’d have been gone during Hollywood week for that. Aside from the forgotten words and slight pitch problems, I don’t think she should leave this week. 6.5 Even though Paula gave her the kiss of death. Kiss of death=”you look beautiful tonight” from Paula.
Phil started a little rough but he surely recovered very well. Great job. 9
Lakisha, Lakisha, Lakisha… what more can you say. She was awesome. Most definitely a star. 9.75
Blake had a nice sound and arrangement. Hip. His great voice didn’t seem to be in attendance tonight. He can sing better than this. 8.5
Stephanie was alright, right down the middle for me. Not bad, not good. Forgettable 7.5
Chris Richardsonwhat the hell was that? Most of the time the music covered up his voice and it just seemed a mess to me 7.5
Jordin, this girl made me tear up. Her smooth voice mesmerized me, making me like a song I didn’t even know. 9.5
From the top:
Lakisha 9.75
Jordin 9.5
Phil 9
Sligh 8.75
Gina 8.5
Blake 8.5
Melinda 8
Stephanie 7.5
Chris 7.5
Sanjaya 7
Haley 6.5
Brandon 6
Haley and Brandon scored low for their obvious forgetfulness. With that said, Sanjaya should still go home for the quality of his voice sucks, as does this season. Good Luck American Idol, you’ll need it.

~ by mamadubs on March 13, 2007.

One Response to “This Season Sucks!”

  1. I agree this season sucks plenty. The worst so far.

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