It Never Ceases to Amaze Me

Well folks, it’s top 12 time again and whoever voted, made two huge mistakes. One was dismissing Sabrina for the contest instead of voting her into the top 12. The second and biggest was voting Sanjaya to the next level. How did this happen? As Simon said, maybe the volume was turned down on their TV set. Did you catch the look on Simon’s face as he applauded when Sanjaya was added to the top 12. Come on people! What are you thinking by putting this incredibly untalented boy into the position in this show that should have gone to someone else. You can’t say he is better than Sundance or Jared. Not that these two are going to win or anything, but WTF! So here are your top 12, in no particular order.
Chris R.
Ryan made a nice gesture announcing the start of a new project. On behalf of the show, it’s producers and sponsors, in April they will be donating money to a cause. The money will benefit those that have been struck by poverty in Africa and here in America. Nice timing, makes you wonder why now. Why after 5 years they have finally decided to start giving back to those in need. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great. Honestly, if they didn’t make that announcement tonight, I’m not sure if I would go on writing and critiquing the show. After season 5, AI has had a difficult time keeping me interested. The show is so boring compared to last year. I had faith that they could continue to get better each season. I now have some doubts. There is nothing that the show can do about what is happening with who has been chosen over the last 3 weeks. There was something that could have been done when the judges gave us the 24 we would be choosing from. If they were to do something now, of course, it would ruin the idea of the show. The premise that the winner of American Idol is to be chosen by the American people. So come on people! Stop voting for your favorite unless they can truly sing. Before you make a bigger mockery of the show than has already happened. You are the voters. This is a competition. This is a singing competition. Not the worst singer, the best. Stop screwing it up. Make me eat my words that it never ceases to amaze me that people vote for their favorite person/relative/[insert your favorite here] instead of who truly deserves to win. Now stop f**king around.

~ by mamadubs on March 8, 2007.

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