I haven’t forgotten

While planning to write my reviews for this week’s AI, my youngest son’s homework came first. So without further ado:
Blake‘s song was a little slow to strt out but picked up. His performance was inovative. I don’t think everyone can get away with the performance he did, especially on an unknown song. Sanjaya.. oh, Lord, people! I almost didn’t want to even evaluate him, but I did. This was probably his best performance, which isn’t saying much because they all SUCKED! He sure did look pretty tonight, I kept looking at that and wondering if he would make a pretty girl. This all made me forget about listening to him, which may be the reason it did not sound as bad as in previous weeks. I do recall a few spots of pitch problems though. Sundance was a little pitchy as well. I liked that he added some life to the song he sang. It could save him from going home. Chris R. seemed in control of his voice well, in most parts. A couple little pitch problems, that’s all. Jared seemed to be pushing te solow parts of his song and then I found him shouting. His voice sounded smoother in the upbeats parts. Brandon did a very safe song except for the one long note at the end. He did well, but still too pitchy for me. Simon said he was nervous for him with that song. Paula said she wasn’t, he was great. Brandon’s comeback to the remarks was that he was just there to have fun. I would think it better for him to have the attitude of trying to advance to win. Especially with a competiton of this magnitude. I did not care for Phil‘s performance tonight. It wasn’t the song choice, because I think a guy could pull it off if done right. His low range is horrible. He looks better in a hat, his ears are to big for him to not have hair, so he looks a little goofy to me. Sligh did a good job. His was one of the best vocals of the night. Though the song wasn’t the greatest choice, I still liked it.
The girls did much better starting off with Jordin. A great way to kick off the night. She was off key in a few spots, but I sitll enjoyed the song. Part of the reason is that I really love this song. I’m glad she picked something upbeat and fun. Great song choice. Sabrina did well even though she was shouting a little pit in the middle. Few pitchy moments. Antonella was next, and as with Sanjaya, I didn’t even want to evaluate her. Her too, had one of her best performances tonight. With her as well, it isn’t saying much at all. Still she isn’t good enough to move on. I guess we’ll see on that one. Haley sounded good, but a bit guarded. She seemed as she was trying to be careful and it came across as holding back. She should have let it rip and made a statement that she is there to stay. I don’t think we will see her next week. Stephanie was pushing her song a bit and that helped create the pitchy parts. Overall it was a good job. I loved Lakisha! A… W… E… S… O… M… E! Another favorite of mine was up next, Gina. I loved the song choice, love the song. To go along with the theme, my little secret is that I love belting it out to that song when I’m in the car to see if I can hold the pitch well. Getting back to Gina she needs to watch her breathing and the pitch, which barely needs to be mentioned, she did so well. Love the hair! That’s the color I want mine with the streaks of scarlet. Melinda closed the night. Though I don’t care much for her, she was great!
8.5 Blake
7 Sanjaya
7.75 Sundance
7.75 Chris R.
8 Jared
7.5 Brandon
7.25 Phil
8.25 Sligh
8.25 Jordin
8.25 Sabrina
7.25 Antonella
7.75 Haley
8 Stephanie
9.75 Lakisha
9 Gina
9.25 Melinda
I think it’s obvious with the girls who should leave, Antonella and Haley. With the guys, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. But I think Sanjaya and Brandon should leave.

~ by mamadubs on March 8, 2007.

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