Her Name is Madison

Here is a look at my husband’s mid-life crisis…and her name is Madison!

We took a damn long trip today to Iowa, of all places. Just to see this little girl. She is part yellow lab, part blue heeler. Feel for us on the blue heeler part. They are rambunctious breed. Very smart, very agile. They have to be, they are Australian Cattle Dogs. So with her heredity and the fact that she has been in a cage at a shelter for over a month speaks volumes while she runs rampant around the shelter office. Basically, she looked like a dog on Crack. But Jeri already knew he wanted her, and he says we are up for the challenge of getting this 13 week old puppy under control. After all, I’m the Dog Whisperer’s biggest fan. So I will be spending the next, who knows how long, getting this dog ready to settle down and be a happy, loved, somewhat normal dog. I’m not babysitting much these days, so this surely will be filling my time.

So.. off we go, me, Jeri, Aleck and Madison back to the land of 10,000 lakes (and a ton of pets). We are equipped with a microchip, a new collar and leash and some tags when we start our 2 1/2 hour trip. We were first truck by how calm Madison was on the ride home. Aside from puking twice and pooping once, all in the car, the trip was fairly uneventful. The dogs have all had fun getting to know our new family member. During our little meet and greet, Jeri and the boys went to our friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart to get a new kennel, dish and toys, toys and more toys. Suspecting that Maddie may easily be bored, they were sure to get a huge variety. So far, our dogs seem to be the biggest hits of all the toys to play with. I think she has stopped playing long enough to either squat or eat. I wish I could bottle her energy and drink it myself. I’d be so skinny!! Odes is getting exercise and should slim down a tad, and a plus that Maddie is good on the leash, I plan on taking advantage of that. Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s a good thought, let’s see if I follow it through. But if her out walking for a good hour each day will calm her more inside, I may just stick to it. Looking at her running around at this minute, maybe I’ll need 2 walks a day…. at least! I’ll call the vet tomorrow. She needs to be seen within a week per the shelter’s contract and aside from that, I suspect a UTI. She is peeing every 20 minutes and just a squirt comes out. She’s already starting to get the hang of ringing the bell to go out to potty, but some of the time she does, nothing comes out. She did have a slight fever when we left her old home, so I started some antibiotics. Wish us luck on the big adjustment of a new puppy.



~ by mamadubs on March 4, 2007.

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