Taking a turn for the worse

I think the guys did better this week than the women. I was glad Gina started out. I really like her. The whole package. If I was into chicks, she’d be my type. She did a great job, tiny pitch deal at the end. Good choice of song. Alaina chose a song far too big for her and I felt she was screaming at times. The pitch was bad and her performance was not good, it was all over the place. You always know when you didn’t do such a good job, when Paula references your good looks. She went on about Alaina tonight. Lakisa’s song I liked but the first half was nothing all that special. I was expecting more. The second half was an improvement, but not a great one. Her pitch, of course, was right on. I felt Simon was truly trying to give her some constructive criticism. Melinda has always appeared a bit odd to me. Tonight I realized what it was. She has a very short neck. Not that I am all that to look at, but her look distracts me from her singing at times. I didn’t care for her performance tonight as much as the judges did. I could have slept in the first half. She surely belted it out at the end. I know she is a powerhouse of a singer, as there a few of them this year. In saying that, I think she needs to come out with something more to stand out from those other awesome singers. Antonella… oh, Lord… girl, give…it….up! It was absolutely horrible. Did you see the look on her face after Randy made his first few comments about her? She totally blew him off. Some days I really question Paula’s judgement. She said it was leaps and bounds better than last week. What?!?!? Maybe it sounds better live. I certainly hope that everyone who votes does so for the quality of the performance and the singer’s abilities and not for the short skirts of smutty pictures online. Antonella shouldn’t have made it to this week, and if she makes it to the next… I’ll scream. Jordin was up next and I know she is capable of much more than she brought this week. I think the dedication did get to her as she was singing. So overall her performance wasn’t up to par and it was a bit off. Stephanie’s song… I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on. She sounded like she was singing a different song than what the band was playing. She’s much better than this performance plus it was pitchy in parts. Again, this week, Leslie was disappointing. I actually did find myself enjoying it in the beginning but once we got past the acapella part, I was done. Thank goodness Haley chose and upbeat song or I surely would have been sleeping. I still liked it even though it was a bit pitchy in parts. Sabrina was last and they did the right thing saving her for then. She ended the show well. Just a few pitch problems, but you can tell she’s got the pipes.
8.5 Gina
7 Alaina
8.25 Lakisha
8.5 Melinda
6 Antonella… and that’s being generous
7.25 Jordin
7.75 Stephanie
7 Leslie
8 Haley
8.75 Sabrina

We should see Antonella and it’s a toss between Alaina and Leslie, but I think Leslie will be leaving.

My choice for top 6 girls:


~ by mamadubs on February 28, 2007.

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